Beka Hiemer
Yes, noise is better!
Sun Dec 1, 2013 10:06

Beka was extremely pleased to see that the mysterious newcomer was Emily. One, it was good to see her friend again, and Emily always promised fun...and sometimes even a good conversation. Two, Beka didn't want somebody joining her table who would look at her askance because she left the library without getting any substantial amount of homework.

Beka amusedly inspected her friend's cheerful face as she popped up from a crouching sneaky position to say hi. She probably had been hoping to scare her, but Beka didn't blame her. Sometimes the temptation to scare your friends was to great...

As Emily betted that Beka didn't wan't to be here the later had to hold back a snort. "You got that in one! It's the gobliny thingy from Cultural Studies that Professor Blair assigned us for 'individual reading for the maximum experiance.'" Beka grinned at Emily, "Because of course when seven years from now we want to apply for Professional Quidditch, or Healing, or Law Enforcement, or whatever else people in our class are trying to do they'll ask us when 'Garebow' Greybeard was killed."

Beka peered at Emily over the table, that she had just plopped down at, next to her. "I guess you don't want to be here either? I HATE homework. Ugh...but I have to keep doing it so my grades don't drop." Beka looked around at the substantial dirtmark on the table and the book upside down and open beside it (the way that it had been when Beka threw it down in disgust) and noticed the casual, laid back way that she was currently sitting in her chair. "I assure you that I'm trying very hard."

She smiled at Emily, "But now that your here I am NOT doing homework for the next hour and a half. Even if Proffesor Blair chews me out in the morning, the payoff of non-boredom will be worth it. She probably wouldn't be to bad as an angry teacher; she was nice when she was putting out my fire at any rate." 

Beka realized that this may need more of an explanation and laughed. "In that Spellworks practical lesson when they had all the first through third years do the laundrey and dishes for a day so the houselves could have a break (it was very nice of them) I had this really disgusting looking hat of an indetermined color, and though I didn't succeed in making any change in it the first few times I had tried, on something like my third or fourth try I managed to set it on fire. It was special!" Beka grinned at Emily. "What useful spells have you mastered? If you got that color-changing charm down we could have some fun with it!"

  • Who needs silence?Emily Wiggins (Cetus), Fri Nov 29 17:58
    Who needs homework anyways? I can just do it later… Emily trudged to the library, dragging her feet as slowly as she could manage. The first year Cetus was somewhat of a procrastinator. She always... more
    • Yes, noise is better! — Beka Hiemer, Sun Dec 1 10:06
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