Cassandra Harlesdon
Study Hall, years I-III
Fri Dec 20, 2013 16:44

Cassandra was settling in well to life at RMI. She felt she understood the day to day workings of the library without the need to scurry to the notes of her predecessors. She was getting to know the regular visitors by sight and some by name. She was almost feeling like she actually belonged here. Amelie was more settled at her school too. Things had steadily improved from the first week, and – whilst Amelie was still undeniably pleased to see her arrive and sad to see her go – her emotions were at a manageable level. Occasionally this sense of self-assurance crumbled - especially when the weekly reports from Amelie's school contained a less than positive account – but generally things were going well. She also felt like she was getting a grip on study hall. Initially, she had assumed that this would be a relatively matter-of-course thing to run – not so dissimilar to regular, independent study, except with a friendly adult on hand, who had laid out helpful resources and was ready to answer questions or help direct them to the appropriate material. A brief investigation of the sorts of things her predecessors had arranged had revealed things to be marginally more complicated than that, and she had approached the first one with trepidation.

She needed to provide an environment that inspired and enabled the students to learn or consolidate existing skills. No one had put it in exactly those words but it was what she had boiled it down to. And she couldn't help but feel, that when you boiled teaching down into similar language, that was pretty much what you would get. She was not a teacher and had never aspired to be one but, facing study hall, she had felt unnerved by the degree of expertise she might need, across all areas, in order to guide the students coming to her sessions. Thank goodness she only had to do this for the younger students, whose work she should understand easily enough. She dreaded to think what she was would have done with older students, who probably knew more than she did. Of course, she used magic every day and was likely much more proficient in several areas than they were. But there would be spells which they were studying now which had never really played a part in her life, or theories which she only half remembered. Perhaps their study hall could have been to teach them back to her... If they could do so, then they clearly understood them well enough.

She had put the core subjects into pairs. Spellwork and defence, as both were wandwork. Herbology and potions, as they were intrinsically linked. Cultural studies and magical sciences because... well, they were what was left. Today's study hall was going to focus on the Herbology and Potions side of things. She had set out a bench with a number of ingredients. A large velvet bag sat in the centre, ready to yield a card to the student or students. On the front, it had a way of categorising the ingredients, such as by the part of the plant they came from, or whether the time at which one picked them affected their properties. The students simply had to sort the ingredients, checking the solution on the back of the card once they were finished or stuck. There were work sheets, which listed potions ingredients and the steps to combine them, on which students had to fill in the blanks, and a general study table, piled with useful books for self-directed study. There was also a notice board, of which Cassandra was rather proud. Students could be reticent about asking questions in front of their peers, especially if they felt they should already know the answer. They were therefore invited to submit any questions anonymously in the run up to study hall. These then appeared on the notice board, with spaces underneath for their peers to pen answers. If no one answered a question by the end of the session, Cassandra added the answer. She hoped that those who attended the study hall wouldn't get lazy and leave it all up to her, as she thought it was a nice opportunity for peer learning, and it helped the students to practise answering questions. The board and its answers stayed up in the library between sessions.

She smiled at an students who came by, trying to look approachable but not forcing them into interacting with her – after all, they were welcome to do private or group work here, as well as make use of her help.

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