Astien Badeaux [Draco]
Perhaps it isn't so boring
Sun Dec 22, 2013 23:08

Astien stifled a yawn as he effortlessly filled in the blanks on the worksheet that he had grabbed. As Potions was his strongest class, he decided to knock its material out of the way before he moved onto the Herbology side of the study hall. It was just tedious fill in the blank, and as Herbology was just before this class, he was already in the right mindset to be working with the subject.

Having finished the worksheet, he moved on to the ingredient station. This was a bit more challenging than the worksheet, as he wasn’t familiar with all of the ingredients (as opposed to the potions, where he knew all of the recipes by heart). It took a few tries for most of the cards before he was able to fully commit them to memory. In the meantime, he was sure to pay attention to each group that ingredients were sorted into. He was curious; did certain groups have similar effects when mixed with similar ingredients? Professor Gallico had mentioned that upper level students had the option to crafted their own potions, and perhaps these organizations were the start of creating one’s potions. With this new thought in mind, he doubled his efforts at committing the organizations to memory, finding a new interesting in his task.

At the same time, he kept one eye towards the notice board in case he could offer any assistance.

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    • Perhaps it isn't so boring — Astien Badeaux [Draco], Sun Dec 22 23:08
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