President Lyubov Kovalchuk
SGA Meeting {T17}
Fri Dec 27, 2013 14:24

Back in September when the sign-up lists had first gone out, and even before then, in idle thoughts and advanced campaign planning over the summer months, Lyubov had been completely confident that she would be elected to the SGA again. She had been acting as representative for her year-group since fourth year, which made it obvious that her yearmates were confident in her ability to manage things on their behalf; there was no reason why she shouldn't be re-elected this year. However, the presidency slot had been her target for her final term at RMI and she was undeniably pleased to have received it, regardless of how high her expectations had been in the first place. Lyubov Kovalchuk, President of the Student Government Association. The witch grinned at herself in the mirror, deftly looping long golden curls around her fingers into a simple bun at the nape of her neck. It just sounded right.

She was pretty proud of what the SGA had accomplished so far. Assisted by their advisor, Professor de Villiers, who had managed to surprise even her with the unveiling of his musical connections in The Mad Inferi, they had put on a fantastic Hallowe'en dance. Hosting a dance so soon after they had been elected had been a great feat for the SGA representatives, in her opinion. But there were still a number of months left in the school year and a number of boxes left to mark off on her personal checklist. For this reason, on the first and third Saturday of every month, Lyubov had reserved a private room in the reference centre for their meetings. She thought that it was important for them to have regular meetings like this. Not only did it help lessen the workload when it came to planning their various events and fundraisers, but it gave her a way to keep tabs on the other representatives and get a feel for where they stood, especially the younger ones, whom she rarely saw outside of the SGA.

As always when she arrived to the library, the house-elves had already prepared for them a selection of drinks and snacks laid out nearby their meeting table. Notebooks tucked under her arm, Lyubov poured herself a cup of black tea before taking a seat at the head of the table, ceramic cup meeting the wooden surface with a clink, delicately straightening the collar of her blazer over the light blouse. Arriving early was habit for the Ukrainian, especially for meetings that she had set herself, and it was nice being able to simply sit here and sip at her strong tea, the silence interspersed with occasional flipping of pages in her notebooks and bits of conversation with Professor de Villiers. But it was never unwelcome when these few minutes of silence ended and she glanced up cheerfully to greet each of them by name as the other representatives began to filter in to the meeting room.

"Good morning, everyone!" Picking up the larger of the two notebooks in front of her, which had a self-inking quill tucked inside its front cover, she smiled at the person who sat down on her left and held it out to them. "Would you mind taking the minutes for this meeting? Thank you." Maybe some people would consider it too formal, her blazer-and-skirt combination and the more business-style approach she took to their meetings, but Lyubov saw no harm in keeping themselves organized. She tried to keep a good record of everything they did, which was the reason for the two notebooks; a different representative was given the task of recording minutes at every meeting, while the second notebook she brought was for making notes to herself. Similarly, she had made it clear at their first meeting in September that she had no intention of bringing back the 'talking animal' that had been used during her first couple years on the SGA. The students had been elected to a responsible position and she quite firmly believed that they were responsible enough to hold a meeting without having to pass around a toy.

Since they had long had their first meeting of the year there was no need for introductions at this point, and after giving Professor de Villiers a moment to greet them as well, Lyubov easily jumped into their business for the day. "As you all are aware by now, in addition to organizing social events, the Student Government is also responsible for voicing student concerns and making sure that the best interests of our year-groups are being accounted for within RMI. This was a big part of my platform in running for President. This is our school after all and I think it's very important for our opinions to be considered in school business. So that topic is what I'd like to focus on today," she rounded off with a nod. "Let's talk about what's going on with our students." Since they were a couple months into term now, Lyubov expected that even the first-year representative Emily would have had the chance to chat with her yearmates.

"As an example - well, it's a legitimate point, too," she added, directing this towards the representative who was taking minutes so that (assuming they were paying attention) they would make a note of it, "I was talking to my younger cousins recently and they brought up that they're too intimidated by some professors to get extra help when they need it. That's something we could talk to professors about, of course, but another solution I thought of was that maybe we could start an official peer tutor programme. Students that are good in a class could sign up to tutor their classmates or younger students. What are your thoughts on that?" she enquired of her fellow representatives. "For that matter, are there any other issues you've come across in the school, or other ideas that you have?" Taking a sip of her tea, she made a go ahead gesture to the first person who seemed ready to speak, and opened her personal notebook in preparation for ideas to come while conversation unfolded around the meeting table.

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