Emily Wiggins (Cetus)
Speak for yourself
Sat Dec 28, 2013 15:05

Emily stared blankly at the potions worksheet in front of her, trying to force herself to focus on it. Though study hall wasn’t mandatory, she figured that going wouldn’t be a bad idea. After spending so much time focusing on her Quidditch tryout, she had gotten a bit behind in her studies. Her blue eyes narrowed at the questions in front of her; none of them looked familiar. Had she really missed that much information? Sighing with frustration, Emily glanced around the room, hoping to find someone she could work with. She never learned well by just looking at information, she much preferred to talk it out. The first year couldn’t seem to locate any of her usual comrades, but then her eyes landed on a familiar head of brown hair over at the ingredients table.

Astien had been her partner for their last Herbology class, and while he hadn’t seemed particularly sociable, he hadn’t been completely snobby either. She didn’t know him well, but he seemed to be having success identifying the ingredients so he might be able to help her out with the worksheet. Emily fingered the corner of the paper, trying to decide whether or not she should approach him or not. She didn’t really like asking for help, but judging by their less-than-eloquent introduction, Emily figured Astien probably didn’t have a very high opinion of her anyways.

Tiptoeing over slowly, she tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hello again! So, are you any good at potions? I might possibly be needing a tiny bit of help on this worksheet…”

  • Perhaps it isn't so boringAstien Badeaux [Draco], Sun Dec 22 23:08
    Astien stifled a yawn as he effortlessly filled in the blanks on the worksheet that he had grabbed. As Potions was his strongest class, he decided to knock its material out of the way before he moved ... more
    • Speak for yourself — Emily Wiggins (Cetus), Sat Dec 28 15:05
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