Brielle Hawkins [Aquila]
Ho Ho.... Oh.... (TAG: Cora Procella)
Mon Dec 30, 2013 22:44

For the third night in a row this week, Brielle was up until 1:30, just simply not being able to sleep. As she entered the study hall, she couldn't help but drag her feet a little. The Aquila student typically didn't like schoolwork, so any class where she had to do any extra work wasn't exactly her definition of... Well, fun. And she couldn't go back to her dorm and sleep because she didn't feel like walking all the way across the school to get there. Plus she couldn't afford another skipped study hall.

Brielle looked around the large Reference Center, noticing the set up for Potions immediately. She needed a bit more practice in Potions, however all she really wanted to do today was fly. She was aching to know about Quidditch tryouts, as going against the older two beaters was rather nerve racking, and, though she knew she had a limited chance at making beater (which was why she rotated around the positions at tryouts), the only thing that would calm her down? More Quidditch. Well, at least flying in itself. Despite Evan's old and musty family broom from when he was a beater (and his dad, and his grandpa), Brielle loved the feel of flying and everything that came with it.

She made her way through the worksheet quickly, not putting much work into it, then moved onto the physical potions portion. Brielle pulled a potion from the bag in the middle of the room, but it was one that she was oh too familiar with and had made it countless times with Evan. She let out a breath then looked around at the other set ups. Not many students were using the ingredients at the other stations, and they were pretty various. It wasn't a whole new set at each table, but there were some varying ingredients that she wanted to try together.

Brielle reached into her bottomless bag that her foster dad Joseph had charmed so she could take things from her room without going back to it. She pulled Joe's old potions book from when he attended Rocky Mountain many years ago, and she opened it to a page with a new recipe that she had been aching to try, though she had not received proper "permission" to do so. No matter, if Joseph had written an original recipe like this in the back of his book, then it couldn't have been harmful, right?

The first year grabbed her wand from her boot and made sure nobody was paying attention. She had most of what she needed, though she was missing two ingredients, both of which she saw at other stations. Brielle smirked as she noticed the coast was clear and whispered, "Wingardium Leviosa," as she flicked her wrist at the Lionfish Spine at a table across the room. The label was facing her so she knew what it was. She was about to pull the ingredient towards her when Brielle heard a racket from the entrance behind her. The sudden noise caused her to loose focus and she dropped the Lionfish Spine with a crash.

She put her wand away quickly, as to not draw attention to herself as the one who caused the small commotion, but when she saw what the larger racket was, Brielle knew she was in the clear. No one would notice her faux pas with the scene stumbling in the entrance.

Brielle saw a jolly, familiar figure in a red suit waltzing through the door. Nope, she thought with a smile plastered on her face, No way. But it was true, and it was Santa Claus.

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