Brielle Hawkins [Aquila]
Not only is the WALL getting coal this year...
Tue Dec 31, 2013 00:01

Brielle laughed as Santa ran into a wall as he stumbled into the room. She knew who this was immediately as she scolded the wall before plopping down next to the girl. "Merry Christmas," Cora told her as she wiggled her eyebrows. Brielle couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh my god," she said between laughs, but Cora stayed in character.

"Potions, eh? I'm good at potions. I have to drink ones that let me stay up all night, ones that let me keep eating milk and cookies (except in England where they leave me mince pies and call me Father Christmas), and I have to drink potions to keep me from aging. Maybe I can help." Brielle rolled her eyes at Cora's infinite knowledge of the globe and everyone on it. She smiled and then remembered she had spilled the Lionfish Spine all over the ground. She waved her wand in front of Santa's slightly girlish face and pointed with it at the mess.

"Please don't give me coal for making a mess," Brielle tried to act serious, but seeing Cora in costume was too much. She walked over and cleaned it up and brought the ingredient to her table. "See, I fixed it. It's all good so now I'm not on the naughty list anymore."

Brielle knew Santa was a myth. She had ever since she was young, as she never received presents under the tree at the orphanage and, when she did, they were never what she had wanted. They were always what the orphanage could afford, but Brielle didn't know that at first. She stayed up all night one Christmas Eve when she was 5 and saw one of the women who worked there, Miss Claire, put a gift under the tree for each child. She didn't mind because she knew that was all they could afford. She put two and two together soon enough and realized there was no such thing. When Evan tried to convince her that there WAS a Santa, she had sassed him, and that was the end of that.

"Maybe you can help me with this potion, since you're so good at them, Mr. Claus. Here's what I'm trying to make." Brielle pointed to the nameless potion Joe had written as she casted Wingardium Leviosa on another ingredient across the room at another student's table. When they turned to get something from their bag, Brielle snatched the jar of Runespore Eggs with her wand and quickly placed them on her own table.

"First a little of this," Brielle muttered to herself as she added a few ingredients, then heated it until it was a nice turquoise color. She stirred until it was yellow-blue (or green, which is what Joseph should have written but didn't) and then added some of the Lionfish spine. She stirred until it gave off a thick smoke.

"Uh oh," Brielle said, eyes widened at the unexpected reaction. The smile should have been green, but this was dark grey smog. She soon realized where she had gone wrong; she should have heated it until it was blue, not just turquoise. She desperately tried to fix her error by cutting the heat and reaching in her bag for the chemical Evan had supplied her with in case of a potions emergency, but soon the concoction caught on fire. "Not again," Brielle muttered. She searched for a fire extinguisher, but to no avail.

The potion began to bubble and fizz over the sides of its cauldron, then--somehow soundlessly--exploded, splattering all over the place and all over Cora's Santa costume. Not to mention all over Brielle's robes that she just got the last of the purple slop from Spellwork out of.

Stupid stain.

"Ho ho..." Brielle said with a shrug as she felt the tips of her hair. They were wet with the potion, though she felt as if she had black burn marks (as she would if she were in a muggle movie) all over her face and clothes. "Ho?" She smiled up at Cora, the white in her Santa costume was now tinted green. At least it was still a Christmas color.

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