Cassandra Harlesdon
Tue Dec 31, 2013 08:40

Hi girls (or girl and Mr Claus),

Thanks for coming to study hall.

I appreciate that you're trying to have a bit of fun here but please bear two things in mind

1) Practical brewing wasn't mentioned as being something on offer. Of course, Brielle could attempt to do it covertly but it would probably be very obvious. This brings me on to point number...

2) In classes, always remember that your characters are being supervised by a trained professional and consider how far they would have got into things going wrong before the person noticed. For example, Coach Bailey isn't going to let anyone fall to their death in Quidditch, so a post there would need to stop at a point where she could intervene and help. I appreciate that staff members can't be keeping an eye on everyone at all times but, if I was trying to respond to this as Cassandra, I would have to explain why she hadn't noticed someone was doing something a) that they shouldn't be doing in the first place and b) that is giving off a lot of obvious things like smoke, for quite some considerable time (Brielle had got a long way through brewing the potion). It's very difficult to do this without essentially having to assume she was being negligent or incompetent.

I am going to assume that the Potion didn't get as far as exploding and will write an IC response to you when I have time to do so.

I hope this explanation makes sense. Please don't be discouraged - judging where a post should stop is something that can take a bit of time to master and I hope this helps.

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    • OOC — Cassandra Harlesdon, Tue Dec 31 08:40
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