Logan Brophy [5th Year Rep]
Making some suggestions
Tue Dec 31, 2013 15:42

Logan Brophy, current fifth-year representative, had a few principles when it came to SGA. The first—and most important—was to never have to be a scribe (he did enough writing as it was). In terms of policy, he always supported dances; people liked dances, so the more, the better. Halloween was a big success. Logan had asked Serenity, and he’d gone as a wild west outlaw, and the food and decorations and music had all been fantastic. As a general rule, he also supported Lyubov’s propositions, because she was clever and had good ideas. Logan wasn’t at all surprised that she’d been elected president.

He wrote while she introduced her ideas, then waved a hand to show Lyubov that he was ready. Logan held up his notebook, which he had printed on in large clear letters. “Isn’t that what teacher aides are for? Not every class has one, but we could start with them. Ask professors for their tutor recommendations.”

Logan himself wanted no part of tutoring, but he figured he wasn’t good enough at any class to be endorsed for teaching. His solution excluded him from having to do work, which sounded perfect to him. Honestly he didn’t see why they needed formal, SGA-sponsored tutors (he thought most of the professors were willing to give extra help if needed, and Gallico ran a whole club for that), but he supposed the first-years should be comfortable or whatever. Maybe one of the younger reps would have something to add on the matter.

In the meantime, the Lyra turned the page back to the message he’d prepared before the meeting. “If we’re still planning activities, I want to do a cardboard regatta. Everyone makes boats out of cheap materials and we could race them in the Rec Center pool.”

Logan had been kicking around an event idea for a year or so now. He thought it would be fun—they could have prizes for the race winners and for the most creative boats, and it seemed like the kind of thing that RMI’s inventive population would enjoy. Plus, he wanted to dress as a naval captain for the event (John was doing South Pacific and said there was a sailor costume Logan could borrow). However you looked at it, it’d be fun.

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