Benjamin Adler (2nd year rep)
Voicing some support
Wed Jan 1, 2014 13:01

When he had signed up for the SGA Benjamin hadn’t realised just how much time he would have to give up. The second year was not a supporter of work of any kind and his original view of the SGA’s activities had been warped. They were known for all sorts of fun parties and events. Therefore, Benjamin did not think he was too foolish when he arrived at his first meeting, expecting free food and fun party games. He was always nervous about upcoming meetings and spent most of his time there trying to look like he understood what was happening and would occasionally voice his support for other people’s ideas, despite not really caring about the topic. As long as he appeared useful no one would call him out for being a fraud, right?

He had started to resent the students who had voted for him and his only suggestion so far had been for a chocolate tasting event, because it shocked him that not enough people understood the varieties available to them. On two separate occasions he had sent President Lyubov a note claiming he was sick with the flu and unable to leave his bed. He wasn’t sure how impressed she was with that but Benjamin did not want her to find him too hopeless a case as a result of his poor attendance record. The older girl intimidated him and she radiated authority. In general authority figures were not fans of Benjamin and his old tutor had described his attitude in social situations as disgraceful.

Sulking, he entered the library and quickly flopped down on a seat close to President Lyubov. His ever present companion, Hubert, was flapping around his ankles as the Draco had tied the duck’s makeshift leash to the leg of his chair. Bowing his head in her direction he greeted his superior, “Hallo, Präsident Lyubov. I is hoping you vell?”

What she asked of him next he had not been prepared for. He had never taken minutes before and to be honest failed to understand what it even meant. All he knew was that when one took minutes they did a great deal of scribbling. However, Benjamin nodded regardless, finding himself unable to refuse her. Quill held firmly in his left hand, the Draco began to move his hand across the page to appear busy, and with an arm blocked his work from view.

He got quite caught up in his pretense of being hard at work that when the President addressed him again, Benjamin jumped a little in his seat. She was saying something about younger cousins and tutoring- an idea which Benjamin scoffed at. He had no intention of tutoring anyone and besides his sister had already taken on the role of his informal tutor. The extra work was a cruel thing to inflict upon a student and so he voiced no opinion on the matter. Instead he began drawing an elaborate doodle of Hubert battling an evil vampire that rather resembled Charline.

It was just as he was adding the finishing touches to the fire Hubert was emitting from his beak, that the strange silent boy started seeking their attention. Benjamin found him to be very odd but it was unsurprising. It appeared that Charline had a talent for attracting the weirder people as friends. He then decided it was time for him to give some vague input and after that he could be done for this session. “Mmmh, yes,” he mumbled while bobbing his head, “many boats. H-yooge, great boats. Dis is nicest of plans.”

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