Emily Wiggins (1st year rep)
Adding some ideas
Thu Jan 2, 2014 13:26

When Emily had signed herself up for the SGA, she hadn’t given it a second thought until they announced that she had been elected as the first year representative. Though she was initially nervous about the position, after the first meeting she was glad that her classmates had given her the responsibility of representing them. So far the SGA events appeared to be a success even though she had yet to offer any suggestions herself. The Cetus tilted her head to the side, observing her reflection in the mirror. For today’s meeting she decided to try and dress up a little bit, leaving her long brown hair loose and donning a skirt for the first time in a while. Lyubov always looked professional for their meetings and Emily respected the older girl, so she wanted to seem a legitimate representative rather than a silly first year.

Upon arriving at the reference center, Emily greeted her fellow representatives before scanning the snacks. Her hand instinctively reached towards the chocolate chip cookies (her favorite), but then hesitated, also eyeing the apples. Not wanting to waste too much time with her internal dilemma, Emily snatched up one of each. Emily took a seat across from Lyubov; she learned quickly that the closer you sat to her, the more likely you would have to take minutes for the meeting. Though she sometimes wished she were more organized, Emily couldn’t even force herself to bring her own notebook for the meetings for fear she’d end up coloring in the margins rather than paying attention. Benjamin, the poor soul who had gotten coerced into minute-keeping for this meeting, seemed to be struggling.

Emily rather liked the idea of peer tutors; she herself wasn’t particularly perturbed about asking her professors for help, but she thought it would be a nice change to have someone else explain the material. After Logan and Benjamin had spoken, Emily cleared her throat and tried to speak confidently.

“I think the peer tutors would work really well. I know some people who would much rather be tutored by another student rather than their professor. Having the class explained by someone else can help make the material we learn in class seem simpler. I think it could be useful for everyone, not just us younger students."

Logan’s idea of a cardboard regatta seemed like a good idea and piqued Emily’s interest. Maybe they could do more than just that? Emily had yet to make a suggestion and decided now would be the time to do it.

“Um, and to keep Logan’s idea going, what if we had a sort of festival with multiple activities? The boat race could be one of them, and I’m sure everyone could think of some others. I also think some sort of team scavenger hunt around the school would be fun.”

Emily liked the thought of her classmates scrambling around the school like madmen trying to find hidden objects or complete different tasks. She nodded to indicate that she was finished speaking and waited for someone else, hoping they would respond positively to her ideas.

OOC: I'm not sure if SGA meetings are supposed to be one giant thread or not, so I just continued this one.

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