Elizabeth Knight
Oi! Over here!
Sat Jan 4, 2014 04:24

A fashion magazene sat cozily inside her textbook. To an outsider, Elizabeth was a studious girl reading up before the upcoming Potions test, but she knew herself better; in reality, she was a bored-to-tears twelve year old who did not care about the medicinal purposes of manticore horns. Fashion suited her much better.

Corner gribbed between a finger and a thumb, page turned, another page was revealed, a new world before her. The brunette was completely discontent with her role in society, but at least she had style as a silver lining. She loved the dresses and the attention that resulted from wearing the right one. Clothes were a way she could express herself (within reason), and that shred of freedom was enough to keep her going.

This year, Elizabeth had also gained another shred of freedom: Alexandra was gone. Last year, her older cousin and Housemate had spent an unhealthy amount of time breathing down her neck, but that was not an issue anymore. Her brother Henry did not seem to particularly care what she did as long as she remained respectable, and cousin Amelia could not be bothered to babysit her. That left her ex-cousin Olivia, with whom she had not interacted in years. They had never been close, but she had always liked her.

Elizabeth peered over her "research" and noted casually that someone seemed to be in need of a place to sit; the Reference Centre was a lot more populous today than usual, which was clear just by the fact that she, a non-regular, was also here. "Hello there," called the Lyra. "You may sit with me, if you need somewhere. I am Elizabeth Knight." A moment later, she added, "Of the London Knights," as an afterthought.

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