Arwen Gallagher
... Well you can't be any worse than the next Pureblood.
Sat Jan 4, 2014 17:13

God, or Merlin, this school was stupid. Arwen spent five days of the weeks in lessons and the other two kicking around the hallways looking for something fun to do. The twelve year old never handed in her homework, messed around in class and even though the "staff", if you could even call them that, advised her to try extracurriculars, they were also stupid. Theater, stupid. Quidditch, stupid. Potions Club, stupid. House Elf Republicans, really stupid. Student Goverment control freaks, stupid. Arwen didn't look forward to anything in her day, apart from picking the occasional fight.

The albino found herself in Reference Centre, her red eyes sparkling darkly for trouble. Maybe mess up the order of the books? Yeah, that would really get on the librarians nerves, the white haired girl thought, rolling her eyes. Life was hard for the thief and walking further into the room, pausing to acquire a target.

"Hello there," called an unfamiliar voice. "You may sit with me, if you need somewhere. I am Elizabeth Knight."

Arwen's thin lips curled into a smirk.

"Of the London Knights."

"Oh no," The muggleborn said, pulling up a chair "Lemme guess, you're also some spoilt Pureblood?"

The Aquila chuckled to herself, resting back in her seat.

"Then again, you can't be any worse than the next."

  • Oi! Over here!Elizabeth Knight, Sat Jan 4 04:24
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    • ... Well you can't be any worse than the next Pureblood. — Arwen Gallagher, Sat Jan 4 17:13
      • I don't know, she might be...Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Sun Jan 5 18:24
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