Beka Hiemer (Aquila)
I don't know, she might be...
Sun Jan 5, 2014 18:24

Beka swore all she was trying to do was use the library. Just one simple book normally used for Cultural Studies that would help her get closer than she ever had before at putting back together a muggle device. That. Was. All. Why did she always end up being near things that she couldn't resist but go into? Even if it looked like it would be the beggining of an argument. Scratch that: even if she knew it would be the beggining of an argument. Life just wasn't fair.

Prior to going to the library she had been in the dormitory on her bed managing to get wires tangled in her hair while putting back together a device that was included in the last owl-post from her parents. Her dad working as a Computer Programmer in a small town, he might not exactly be a billionare, but at least he always brought home interesting gadgets. It was this that had spurned Beka's fascination with all technology since a young age. Which would be why Beka was trying to put back together the muggle device in the first place: she just wanted to figure out how it worked.

She also may have been wanting to impress Cora. Though Beka always managed to take the device apart just fine, she always had trouble putting it back together, and Cora's tales of her exploits into the world of muggle techno made Beka want to prove that she could put things back together without catching the kitchen on fire and having her mom put it out with her wand, too. It made a fascinating (and hilarious) party story, but Beka was legitimately trying to put the device back together, and therefore had been disappointed that it hadn't worked.

That, combined with Beka's innability to stay in one place for any significant amount of time (it was a miracle that she managed to get through her lessons every day thusfar,) was the reason that Beka was on her way to the library to get a book. Perhaps it wasn't the spectacular adventuring that she usually preffered, but at least it was moving around doing something that she enjoyed doing. Even if it did force her to go to the library. Ugh.

Going to the library didn't seem to be going as planned, however. The fact that it was busier than normal was bad enough, and the fact that she happened to walk into a conversation that currently sounded a lot like 'stupid predjudiced pigs,' if only in subtext, was even worse. Beka didn't like bullies of any kind. It didn't even occur to her that she might have misinterpreted the situation.

This was how Beka Hiemer found herself plopping down on a chair next to two other girls saying, "I can't believe it. I end up loving this place, and the next thing I know a stupid pureblood is insulting a muggleborn who probably has had the time of their life finding out about magic making the muggleborn retaliate because they really where hurt." Beka might have been intelligent, but she always spoke before she thought. And sometimes without thinking at all.

OOC: Beka would have never heard of the London Knights, despite being halfblood. She's led a fairly secluded life, in the sense that she lives in a small town, and spent most of her childhood surrounded by muggles and kept away from prejudices. She just knows (or thinks she knows) enough from her mom, the halfblood witch, to assume that any conflict having to do with ancestry has to be originated by the pureblood. I just thought I ought to explain the reasons for her acting the way she did.

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    • I don't know, she might be... — Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Sun Jan 5 18:24
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