Cassandra Harlesdon
But you two might be as well?
Mon Jan 13, 2014 16:31

Cassandra moved around between the different study areas, giving students the opportunity to hail her easily if need be as well as being able to keep an eye on them. Her attention was drawn by a girl stumbling in clumsily through the door way dressed in a Santa outfit. Cassandra raised an eyebrow but didn't comment. Students would have their fun and, as uniform wasn't required for study hall, the girl wasn't breaking any rules.

Cassandra moved on but resolved to keep a weather eye on the girl, and the friend she had just joined up with. At first, the two seemed pretty intent on whatever was in front of them, which she initially construed to be a good thing. Until it started to smoke. Stepping briskly round to their bench, she saw that they had begun to brew a Potion, the cauldron having been concealed from her view by a stack of books. That was just-

“Evanesco!” she cast sharply, the contents of the cauldron vanishing. She turned the light out from underneath it. Now that the substance, whatever it was, was gone, she knew she should feel slightly calmer. She had averted a potential catastrophe. But her nerves still felt jangled. She was... cross. The two girls had deliberately disobeyed, and spent her class doing something potentially dangerous. It was a little hard not to wonder what she'd done to deserve that... But it probably wasn't personal. It probably wasn't anything at all. Children often simply did not think.

“Please explain yourselves,” she said evenly However cross or stressed she was inside, she was rather used to taking a deep breath and using a calm tone of voice. She doubted the girls had much of an explanation for their actions but, if they did, they should have an opportunity to voice them. If they did not, perhaps being called to give an account might make them realise the thoughlessness of what they'd been doing.

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    • But you two might be as well? — Cassandra Harlesdon, Mon Jan 13 16:31
    • OOCCassandra Harlesdon, Tue Dec 31 08:40
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