Cassandra Harlesdon
Study Hall: ready, aim, fire
Tue Jan 21, 2014 10:05

Cassandra's Christmas had been, for the most part, calm and enjoyable. She had put her foot down several Christmases prior about manic and stressful festive seasons because Amelie just did not cope. Most people, she suspected, didn't. Most kids and parents went home utterly frazzled after the chaotic round of visiting every different relative but, although their behaviour was bound to deteriorate somewhat and their whinging increase, being frazzled was something most kids could cope with. For Amelie, who thrived on routine and who benefited from not being over-stimulated, her behaviour simply escalated the longer any such disruption went on until it was just unpleasant for all concerned. Things usually got thrown.

So, their Christmas routine had become to go to Cassandra's parents' on Christmas Eve. Her two brothers would bring their families over for either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, depending on whether it was their turn or their spouses' to be home for Christmas. The two day visit was just long enough to celebrate but without becoming too much, and all of her own side of the family got ticked off in one fell swoop. It had been a little awkward this year as Amelie's cousins were going through a less pleasant phase. When they had been little, they had happily played with her, oblivious or unperturbed by her difficulties. It had been painful to watch them catch up and overtake her, and they struggled to understand why she couldn't follow their games and currently lacked the patience to help her join in. She knew that it wasn't borne of spite, they just didn't understand, and that they would get through that, and come back around to being compassionate but it would forever be a case now of them slowing down to accommodate her, being the patient 'older' cousins to the small child even though they were younger than her, and that was rather depressing. Amelie had still seemed to enjoy her Christmas though, and that was the main thing. They had also got through the duty visit from the Other Grandparents without Cassandra wanting to strangle them over-much. Her ex-husband didn't have much contact, other than financially, with them but his parents had maintained an interest in their first grand-daughter. The fact that Cassandra felt this interest had waned since they acquired other non-disabled grandchildren was a gripe she kept to herself. They always visited some time in the Christmas holidays, for a brief afternoon and to drop off a present which either insulted Amelie's abilities or wildly over-estimated them. She wasn't sure they'd ever quite got it right...

And now they were both back at their respective schools. There had been some tears and some clinging on Amelie's end but not enough to require a time out, so Cassandra was hopeful of a relatively smooth settling back in phase. She herself had the first study hall of term to prepare for. Nominally, it was the wandwork subjects, although she had a large area set aside for paired or small group theory study, as she suspected many might have holiday homework to catch up on. The notice board, as usual, had any questions that had been submitted to the question box pinned up on it, and a blank stack of parchment for students to provide answers on. The wandwork element of the study hall was focussed around aiming, as this was something a lot of first years had difficulty with. There was a a row of little booths, each charmed to prevent the students' efforts escaping their confines, and each fire-proofed (even though the students weren't working with fire, it always paid to be safe rather than sorry, especially with the younger ones). Half the booths had a fish with a wide open mouth. The students were to use 'aguamenti' to shoot water into the fish's mouth. Once the fish was full, a little light would appear above the booth to show that they had succeeded. It would automatically empty itself before the next student took their turn. The other half of the booths had dummies with large archery style targets on their centres. The students were invited to hurl their preferred hexes and jinxes at the targets, their efforts would show up as a brief glowing light to indicate where they had hit.

As usual, Cassandra moved around the area designated for Study Hall, keeping a close watch on the goings on. The top of the notice board had crossed out figures of a smoking cauldron and two fighting figures – no brewing, no duelling. She had not found a symbol yet that successfully noted 'Just use your common sense, for Merlin's sake' so just had to hope that that was apparent, and that she would not be forced to add any more symbols for next time...

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    • ApologeticBen Brogren, Draco, Mon Jan 27 17:02
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    • Welcome back everyone. I never left.Astien Badeaux [Draco], Thu Jan 23 17:56
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      • Feeling impatientKejan Szyszko (Lyra), Wed Jan 22 17:55
        Normally, Kejan’s entry into the library was followed by the protesting form of her brother, who was of the vocal opinion that Study Hall wasn’t a “real class” and thus something totally appropriate... more
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            • Glad you came to play! Jesse, Fri Jan 31 15:31
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              • Surprisingly, I'm glad too.Kejan, Tue Feb 4 06:11
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                • Soooo....Jesse, Fri Feb 7 20:17
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