Kejan Szyszko (Lyra)
Feeling impatient
Wed Jan 22, 2014 17:55

Normally, Kejan’s entry into the library was followed by the protesting form of her brother, who was of the vocal opinion that Study Hall wasn’t a “real class” and thus something totally appropriate for him to skip. Today, however, Kašpar was nowhere to be found, and the blonde girl had spent several minutes peering into different rooms in search of him before deciding that the idiot could just fail his “not real” class, for all she cared, and heading off to the library by herself. Personally, she enjoyed Study Hall's practicality, and she liked that the librarian always had the option for questions on the notice board. Kejan didn’t ask a lot of questions, instead choosing to do extra work to clear things up for herself, but she made a point of reading the notice board every class anyways, just in case a new question arose.

Pausing in front of the board today, her hazel eyes scanned quickly through the notes, translating and shuffling the words into the orders that made most sense to her. All of the questions seemed relatively straightforward, though, and after taking a moment longer to record in her neat script an answer to a Herbology question (Gillyweed lasts for approximately one hour; the exact length may vary on whether it is salt or fresh water) she continued on to the booths that were set up throughout the room, glancing them over appreciatively. The Pureblood was confident in her spellcasting, but as her grandfather had instructed her, her aim could always be further improved, and the targets inside the booths seemed like a good place to drill herself.

She moved towards the back of the room, seeking solitude and quiet from the noisier groups of younger students. One of Kašpar’s Quidditch friends – Jesse, she thought – was sitting outside a booth, but he didn’t seem to be waiting to use it, so with a shrug to herself she slipped inside. What spell to use? Just a normal Stupefy, she decided; simple but precise was the way to go, rather than more complicated spells. Drawing her wand from the pocket tucked between the folds of her blue pleated skirt, she pointed it at the dummy and gave it a calm flick. “Stupefy.” A light lit up a couple rings out of the target’s centre, and she tried again. “Stupefy... Stupefy... Stupefy!” Consistently, her aim was a fraction out of place. For a perfectionist such as herself this was wholly unacceptable, and without really thinking it through, a burst of less-than-polite Russian words fell from her lips.

The frustrated exclamation must have been louder than she expected because Jesse’s face soon appeared around the side of the booth. Turning to stare at him, she could feel herself reddening with embarrassment at the outburst and tried to ignore it. “I vas trying to get straight on zhe centre of zhe target,” she explained in answer to his question, well aware that normally she would have shooed anyone away by now for interrupting her and equally aware that it was her fault to begin with, because it was she who had lost her patience with it. Taking a deep breath, Kejan glanced back at the target, noting with some resentment the last off-target lights that were still glowing. “I am sorry eef I vas disturbing you.”

  • "Studying"Jesse Ramos, Wed Jan 22 10:48
    Jesse Ramos did not like study hall, he found it a waste of time for someone like him. Sure, he had homework to do but he would rather spend the time now cleaning his broom, reading broom, Quidditch, ... more
    • Feeling impatient — Kejan Szyszko (Lyra), Wed Jan 22 17:55
      • Showing off for the pretty girlJesse, Tue Jan 28 14:22
        Jesse smiled at Kejan, to him Kejan was very pretty. He thought it might be her super blonde hair and perhaps the odd little accent she had. Sure, Jesse had an accent but it was light and hardly... more
        • Playing along with the boyKejan, Fri Jan 31 14:01
          The booth was a bit crowded with both of them in there, and to her mild surprise Kejan realized that it didn’t bother her. ‘He’s Pure. That makes all the difference.’ Having to share a dorm last year ... more
          • Glad you came to play! Jesse, Fri Jan 31 15:31
            Jesse thought that Kejan’s smile was very pretty. He wondered why he hadn’t noticed her in the three years they had been roommates? He wondered if it was really because of her twin brother? Did Jesse ... more
            • Surprisingly, I'm glad too.Kejan, Tue Feb 4 06:11
              Helpfully, Jesse supplemented his visual demonstration with an explanation of what exactly he had been doing in order to cast the spell correctly. ‘Great.’ The Belarusian witch nodded along at his... more
              • Soooo....Jesse, Fri Feb 7 20:17
                Jesse couldn’t help but want to touch the girl’s hair. She was smart and pretty. Plus, she was a Pureblood and Uncle Sandro would be happy that Jesse was making friends with Purebloods. When she... more
                • *hums thoughtfully*Kejan, Wed Feb 12 04:36
                  Kejan was not the sort of girl who willingly loaned out her notes to absent classmates. It was their own fault for missing class, and missing class obviously meant that they didn’t care about their... more
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