Noah Goodridge
Launching off and prepared for duty!
Thu Jan 23, 2014 12:30

Even though it was his second semester at his new school, Noah hadn’t quite got used to wearing robes. He tripped on them sometimes and thought they were dumb most of the time, but he didn’t really want to get in trouble so he wore them to class anyway. He still had the backpack Mom had bought for him for his new school even though a bunch of people had started carrying their books around on their own or in smaller bags or not at all, depending. There was one girl in his year-group who Noah was pretty sure had just stopped attending some classes towards the end of last semester. She was also the loudest and most disruptive person in his classes by far, though, so he couldn’t really say he was sorry.

He was currently walking to study hall. A lot of people skipped study hall – a concept Noah hadn’t quite grasped; how did the teachers not get them in trouble? – but it was one of the things that the fair-haired boy had been looking forward to in middle school so he always made sure to attend.

When he walked into the reference center, he smiled at Miss Harlesdon before walking over to one of the tables. She often gave them space to practice with magic, but Noah didn’t really like doing that outside of class. He was good enough that his grades were pretty okay and the twelve-year-old didn’t really want people to think he was a geek. Noah knew what happened to geeks in middle school and so far he’d managed to avoid being picked on. He wanted to keep it that way.

Because he’d finished all of his homework over the break (Adam peeking over his shoulder with endless interjections of “what’s that mean?” and even Mom lingering at the edges of the kitchen to try and get a glimpse of the things her oldest son was learning at school), Noah didn’t have a specific use for study hall today. So instead, he pulled out his new sketchbook and pen from his backpack and started drawing.

Today he was drawing airplanes, because they were cool. Fighter planes were his favorites, from the Fokker series to Nakajimas to the modern stealth planes. He had a large collection of books, mostly illustrated, about different plane types and purposes, especially from World War I. Secretly, Noah thought the Red Baron and his Fokker Dr1 were the coolest, and that particular model was what he was drawing today.

The fair-haired Cetus was in the middle of sketching out the design on the body of the craft when something jarred his elbow, making him draw a line across his work. Scowling, Noah looked up to see what had happened.

  • Study Hall: ready, aim, fireCassandra Harlesdon, Tue Jan 21 10:05
    Cassandra's Christmas had been, for the most part, calm and enjoyable. She had put her foot down several Christmases prior about manic and stressful festive seasons because Amelie just did not cope.... more
    • ApologeticBen Brogren, Draco, Mon Jan 27 17:02
      Ben arrived at study hall early. He usually arrived to most classes early as he loved to learn. The Draco often sat with his older sister, but he felt the need to break away. Not that he didn't love... more
      • Slightly sympatheticAukley Justesen, Sun Feb 2 21:20
        Study halls at Rocky Mountain International's reference center were one of Aukley's favorite activities. Oh, there hadn't been any as fun as the one in her first year that there had been all kinds of ... more
    • Stress reliefKrystal Baitman [Aquila], Fri Jan 24 16:14
      Study Hall was alright in that it was basically a doss, as far as Krystal was concerned. The librarian tried to make them do stuff, always putting out loads of things that she chirpily suggested they ... more
    • Welcome back everyone. I never left.Astien Badeaux [Draco], Thu Jan 23 17:56
      Astien lazily ambled into the library, perching upon his favorite seat in the room. He felt the cushion fold familiarly under his weight, heard the wood creaking once again as he levied his weight... more
      • I wanted to leave.Darcie Thomson [Lyra], Fri Jan 24 16:40
        Darcie flitted through the halls of RMI, heading towards the Reference Center. If she’d had a better sense of time, she would have known that she was nearing the point where she would be tardy for... more
    • Launching off and prepared for duty! — Noah Goodridge, Thu Jan 23 12:30
      • We had homework? Oh..... yeah....Luke Calloway , Fri Jan 24 10:38
        Although Luke’s body strolled into the library for another inane session of study hall, his mind was wandering far, far away; still reliving his exhilarating Christmas break. His parents had... more
    • "Studying"Jesse Ramos, Wed Jan 22 10:48
      Jesse Ramos did not like study hall, he found it a waste of time for someone like him. Sure, he had homework to do but he would rather spend the time now cleaning his broom, reading broom, Quidditch, ... more
      • Feeling impatientKejan Szyszko (Lyra), Wed Jan 22 17:55
        Normally, Kejan’s entry into the library was followed by the protesting form of her brother, who was of the vocal opinion that Study Hall wasn’t a “real class” and thus something totally appropriate... more
        • Showing off for the pretty girlJesse, Tue Jan 28 14:22
          Jesse smiled at Kejan, to him Kejan was very pretty. He thought it might be her super blonde hair and perhaps the odd little accent she had. Sure, Jesse had an accent but it was light and hardly... more
          • Playing along with the boyKejan, Fri Jan 31 14:01
            The booth was a bit crowded with both of them in there, and to her mild surprise Kejan realized that it didn’t bother her. ‘He’s Pure. That makes all the difference.’ Having to share a dorm last year ... more
            • Glad you came to play! Jesse, Fri Jan 31 15:31
              Jesse thought that Kejan’s smile was very pretty. He wondered why he hadn’t noticed her in the three years they had been roommates? He wondered if it was really because of her twin brother? Did Jesse ... more
              • Surprisingly, I'm glad too.Kejan, Tue Feb 4 06:11
                Helpfully, Jesse supplemented his visual demonstration with an explanation of what exactly he had been doing in order to cast the spell correctly. ‘Great.’ The Belarusian witch nodded along at his... more
                • Soooo....Jesse, Fri Feb 7 20:17
                  Jesse couldn’t help but want to touch the girl’s hair. She was smart and pretty. Plus, she was a Pureblood and Uncle Sandro would be happy that Jesse was making friends with Purebloods. When she... more
                  • *hums thoughtfully*Kejan, Wed Feb 12 04:36
                    Kejan was not the sort of girl who willingly loaned out her notes to absent classmates. It was their own fault for missing class, and missing class obviously meant that they didn’t care about their... more
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