Luke Calloway
We had homework? Oh..... yeah....
Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:38

Although Luke’s body strolled into the library for another inane session of study hall, his mind was wandering far, far away; still reliving his exhilarating Christmas break. His parents had excitedly welcomed him back with open arms (although they were quickly reminded as to why they had been happy to see him leave in the first place, as his hyperactive nature made him prone to pulling pranks on the House Elves).

He retailed his many achievements throughout the semester, from making it into the play (granted, not with the position that he had wanted….), to becoming a beater on the Lyra Quidditch team (where he boasted very proudly of his dangerous maneuver in his first game, to the delight of his father and horror of his mother).

They had left their home for a few days to go to a tense, volatile family Christmas gathering. As it turns out, adopting a small wizard child who’s blood status was unknown could be quite the faux pas in some pureblood families, and it seemed that Lucas Calloway had managed to single handedly divide the family without even trying. While he would normally be delighted to have managed to cause such strife and chaos, in this instance he felt a bit guilty. He was truly grateful that his parents had taken them in, and directly causing them pain weighed heavily on his conscience.

Deciding that he didn’t like this heavy train of thought, he abandoned it to a more important one: crap oh crap he hadn’t done any of the homework over the break. He scurried to a table and threw off his backpack to access his books, accidently jostling the kid sitting at the next table. He didn’t even look up as he threw out an absent minded, half hearted “Sorry”.

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    • We had homework? Oh..... yeah.... — Luke Calloway , Fri Jan 24 10:38
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