Darcie Thomson [Lyra]
I wanted to leave.
Fri Jan 24, 2014 16:40

Darcie flitted through the halls of RMI, heading towards the Reference Center. If she’d had a better sense of time, she would have known that she was nearing the point where she would be tardy for study hall, but she didn’t really care. After spending the past two weeks traipsing about the school, the Lyra had gotten mostly everything she needed to do and had done most of what she had needed to catch up on. It was a slight problem she had, not staying on track with her coursework. Thankfully she hadn’t gotten too far behind, although she was sure her professors noticed. It was because of this that her parents had denied her request to come home.

When she’d first written her parents about coming home for midterm, the dreaded questions of how her coursework was going had been brought up. With the shaky answer that Darcie had given, her mother had refused to let her come home. She wouldn’t get anything done there either and if not coming home was what it took to get the girl back on track then Maria Thomson would leave her daughter at school. That was exactly what she did, much to the protest of three out of four of the men in the house. The fourth had no room to talk, considering he couldn’t yet. Darcie’s biggest regret (found out through letters written by her brother) was that she had missed her baby brother taking his first few wobbly steps. Noah, according to her brother, had grown quickly over the few months that Darcie had been gone. He was babbling and getting bigger every day and his twelve-year old sister had been devastated when she was told that she had to stay at RMI for the holidays.

Michael had done his best to make it up to her though, going so far as to drive all the way to Boulder just to visit her. He’d done it towards the end of midterm, telling his mother that he was headed back to college earlier than normal just to cheer up his sister. The two of them had gone to Pearl Street where Darcie described all about her life just beyond the shop that led to her school. He’d even gotten her a Christmas present (all of hers were waiting for her at home once she came back). Mike knew his mother was being harsh, but that was how she was with Darcie and it was odd. It was brushed off to the fact that she was the only daughter in the family and that she was nothing like her mother wanted her to be.

Darcie cradled the small fluffy ball as she walked into her study hall session, grinning from ear to ear as she did so. Mike’s present, dubbed Lancelot (generally called Lance), was a tiny tan Puffskein. Upon seeing the creature for the first time, Darcie had practically squeezed the thing to death before remembering that it was alive. Mike of course had wondered if he had doomed the poor creature to a life of near-death experiences. But so far, that first almost suffocation had been the only traumatic thing that little Lance had gone through. Also gifted to her, was a new book of medieval tales to go along with her growing collection. Said book was nestled in her bag, just waiting to be read.

The Lyra wandered among over to where some of the other students were sitting around and spied a mostly empty area save for one. She tucked Lancelot into the crook of her shoulder as she sat down in one of the armchairs. After fishing about in her bag for a moment, Darcie pulled out the shiny book and flipped it open to the first page. Her eyes darted across the page for quite some time, leading her to finish chapter six before she stretched just slightly. Blue orbs came to rest just slightly on the other person only to notice that her dearest puffskein had rolled its way towards the other chair. In truth, Darcie hadn’t even noticed that the fuzzball had left her shoulder. Darcie moved to pick up the creature, hands scooping it up as she straightened her back. Accidentally, she bumped into the other person’s chair and winced.

“Oh my gosh,” she said to the person, turning around to face them as she did so. “I didn’t mean to bump your chair, honest. I was just getting my puffskein so he didn’t roll away and it was an accident and I’m really sorry.”

Her words came out in more of a rush and she pulled her red beanie off the top of her head. An embarrassed blush covered her cheeks. She backed up slightly and tucked Lancelot into her hat, letting the fabric hang loosely from her fingers while effectively keeping the piece of fluff from escaping. She retreated further and practically fell back into her chair as her knees collided with the edge. Darcie let out a small noise and blushed darker, the color on her cheeks almost matching that of her hat. She looked down at the humming beast nestled in the confines of crocheted yarn and then back up again.

“I’m really sorry,” she said once more. “I’ll just… yeah… sorry.”

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    • I wanted to leave. — Darcie Thomson [Lyra], Fri Jan 24 16:40
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