Ben Brogren, Draco
Mon Jan 27, 2014 17:02

Ben arrived at study hall early. He usually arrived to most classes early as he loved to learn. The Draco often sat with his older sister, but he felt the need to break away. Not that he didn't love her, but it was better, healthier, for both of them if they made other friends. Of course, Ben didn't have a great deal in common with most of his classmates, for example, a lot of the Aquila girls seemed the same and a bit cliquey, to be honest. The other Dracos seemed pretty much more like people he had stuff in common with and that was good,though being a naturally extremely quiet person and caring more about his studies than being popular, he hadn't really made much effort to get to know many people but he was still willing to give them a chance.

He'd told Poppy this over midterm, that it was the best for both of them and she had cried. Ben had felt terrible. In his entire life he'd never made anyone cry and now he'd made the person closest to him do so. Now the second year was avoiding him and still seemed upset. He felt guilty and a bit mad at himself though he really thought it would be for the best. Still, the Draco had hurt his older sister and she'd barely even look at him.

His homework was done, because he always did it immediately after classes, so Ben listened to Ms. Harlesdon. He often ended up engaging in the study hall activities, and did not find the time as boring as a lot of people did. Instead, the first year viewed it as a time to improve his performance in classes. Today one of the activities seemed to involve a dummy and hexes and his Defense techniques could always use practice, as could his spellwork, though he knew how to cast the Aguamenti charm just fine. He was decent at it of course, but he actually preferred theory, Potions and Herbology.

Defense was a weaker area, simply because Ben didn't especially like the idea of hexing people. Then again, it was meant to teach him to defend against hexes, not to attack others. Though, Ben honestly couldn't think of a reason why anyone would attack him. He hadn't made friends but he hadn't made enemies either. Nor was he from the sort of high profile family that would gain him a lot of attention. The only way the Draco was going to be that important was to become a well-respected Potioneer, which admittedly was something he'd like very much. Not so much being famous or the best of his time, but Potions was what he wanted to do at this time and who didn't want to be respected?

Ben sat trying to decide which activity he'd rather do. Both of them had their benefits and drawbacks, though more of the former as with anything educational. He probably needed to work on Defense a little more than Charms, as he wanted the best grades he could get, though he appreciated learning more for its own sake than the results. He didn't really care about beating anyone else and being the best. A grade that was less than perfect only meant he had more to learn and that was enjoyable.

However, Ben saw Poppy heading towards the dummies, probably to pretend they were him and take out her anger and hurt on them. It would be just plain awkward. So, the choice was made for him, and he headed over to practice the Aguamenti charm and try to fill up a fish. He took out his wand and aimed for his target. The water shot out of his wand, not hitting his fish but the one next to it, and not in it's mouth either. More like on it's side. "Sorry." Ben apologized to the person next to him. It was their fish after all, not his, though he was glad not to have drenched someone. People tended not to react well to such things.

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