Glad you came to play!
Fri Jan 31, 2014 15:31

Jesse thought that Kejan’s smile was very pretty. He wondered why he hadn’t noticed her in the three years they had been roommates? He wondered if it was really because of her twin brother? Did Jesse not want to make things awkward between Kašpar and himself? When Kejan complimented him Jesse grinned at her his tan complexion hid the light blush on his face. The Cuban boy couldn’t help but want to reach out and touch the blonde hair when Kejan flipped some back. He had never seen hair so light before.

When she said his aim was perfect and asked if he was a natural he laughed and shook his head. “No, my Uncle makes me practice when I am at home so I don’t disgrace the Ramos name.” He admitted. Uncle Sandro had named Jesse his heir, once it was confirmed that his now disowned son was a Squib and now Jesse spent every break with Uncle Sandro working on being the best. During the summer Uncle Sandro made sure that Jesse studied ahead of all his peers and before going back to RMI he was forced to practice until he could cast spells perfectly.

“It took me about two weeks to get this one down perfectly. It’s just a matter of speeding up the flick of your wrist while not moving it in a large circle.” He said with a smile. “But why worry about getting the aim right? You are one of the smartest people in our year!” He didn’t mean to sound as flirty as he did but he couldn’t help it. When the Cuban boy got around pretty girls he wanted to let them know he thought they were pretty.

  • Playing along with the boyKejan, Fri Jan 31 14:01
    The booth was a bit crowded with both of them in there, and to her mild surprise Kejan realized that it didn’t bother her. ‘He’s Pure. That makes all the difference.’ Having to share a dorm last year ... more
    • Glad you came to play! — Jesse, Fri Jan 31 15:31
      • Surprisingly, I'm glad too.Kejan, Tue Feb 4 06:11
        Helpfully, Jesse supplemented his visual demonstration with an explanation of what exactly he had been doing in order to cast the spell correctly. ‘Great.’ The Belarusian witch nodded along at his... more
        • Soooo....Jesse, Fri Feb 7 20:17
          Jesse couldn’t help but want to touch the girl’s hair. She was smart and pretty. Plus, she was a Pureblood and Uncle Sandro would be happy that Jesse was making friends with Purebloods. When she... more
          • *hums thoughtfully*Kejan, Wed Feb 12 04:36
            Kejan was not the sort of girl who willingly loaned out her notes to absent classmates. It was their own fault for missing class, and missing class obviously meant that they didn’t care about their... more
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