Aukley Justesen
Slightly sympathetic
Sun Feb 2, 2014 21:20

Study halls at Rocky Mountain International's reference center were one of Aukley's favorite activities. Oh, there hadn't been any as fun as the one in her first year that there had been all kinds of different stations and fun things, but she supposed it was possible that growing up had simply made her less excited for playing around. She didn't like to admit it, but she was fourteen now, and a third year - Aukley had even grown taller. Her red hair was longer and less wild, and even her Mom wanted her to throw out her undersized, ratty, old, green, plaid jacket. It was almost like a security blanket now, though, and she hardly ever wore it anyway. There was no harm in keeping it.

She wasn't wearing it today, either, just a polyester T-shirt without any words and some new jeans. Unfortunately, her jump in height necessitated new clothing, and instead of just searching through the clearance shop her brother had gone out and bought new jeans. They were uncomfortable and stiff, and then at Christmas her Mama had suddenly decided that Aukley was a young lady and needed dresses - thankfully, those at least had been cheap. Aukley would have felt awful for not wearing them if they had been full price.

Shaking off her Christmas the same way she shook off everything else that weighed her down, Aukley took a look around. It was kind of amusing that the Aguamenti charm was the focus of this study hall when Aukley no longer had a reason to try and be good with it. The new room assignment this year may have meant that she got to share a room with Anjali and another girl she didn't know, but on the other hand it meant she couldn't annoy Kejan any more. Maybe it was petty - no, it was definitely petty - but she liked seeing that icy queen uncomfortable with the mess across the room. Patricia, or Patches, had been so helpful in that regard - the kneazle looked mature and stately, but viciously enjoyed shredding things. Charms and enchantments prevented her from getting at Kejan's things, but Aukley had been willing to bear some harm for the cause.

Speaking of Patches, Aukley frowned as she searched the library. Patches' mother had lived in the reference center, she knew, but with all the changing of librarians she wasn't actually sure whether or not Patches' parents were still about.

The librarian seemed like a very nice person, but this was a bit... dull. Shooting at things. Interactive study models were more fun. Still, for the sake of it, Aukley picked a fish and stepped up. The bathroom by her bedroom was still fish-themed, despite the years. It was starting to seem less cool, though, and she made a face. This fish really reminded her of one of the wall decorations.

Pulling out her rather worn cherry and unicorn hair wand, Aukley was about to cast when, suddenly, a stream of water hit the side of her fish. Turning her head, she saw that it had come from a younger boy, who immediately apologized.
"It's alright." Aukley said, shrugging. Then, because it seemed polite - if awkward - she added, "Do you need some help?"

  • ApologeticBen Brogren, Draco, Mon Jan 27 17:02
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    • Slightly sympathetic — Aukley Justesen, Sun Feb 2 21:20
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