Surprisingly, I'm glad too.
Tue Feb 4, 2014 06:11

Helpfully, Jesse supplemented his visual demonstration with an explanation of what exactly he had been doing in order to cast the spell correctly. ‘Great.’ The Belarusian witch nodded along at his description, drawing her wand again to mimic the wrist movement for herself, wand twitching in small, quick circles from her outstretched hand. She saw no point in admitting it to him now, but originally she had zero expectations that he would have been able to help her with the spell, not just because he had been slacking off during Study Hall today but mostly because he was just another Quidditch player; if there was one thing that having a Quidditch-obsessed brother had taught her, it was that those keen on the sport weren’t exactly good at academics. Maybe that had been too quick of an assumption for her to make, though. Jesse had said that his uncle made him practice, but even so, he was still genuinely good at it, forced or not.

“You are one of the smartest people in our year!”

Wand arm still raised and practicing the correct motion, Kejan glanced sidelong at him, unsurprised at the contents of his remark and unquestionably pleased that he had said it. “Da, I am,” she agreed, self-assured in her superiority over the rest of their yearmates. “But tank you for zhe compliment; I did not tink zhat you vould ‘ave noticed.” It didn’t change her desire to perfect the spell. Being the smartest meant nothing if she couldn’t apply her knowledge and prove it. Jesse’s compliment was flattering, though. She had met too few people at RMI who took the same interest in their classes as she did.

Kejan was usually pretty easy to find: when she wasn’t in the theatre practicing dance routines from her lessons back home, she was in the library, working ahead in their textbooks. The library was a pretty comfortable place for her. And she was feeling pretty comfortable with Jesse right now, comfortable enough to attempt the spell again with him watching, so without further ado the almost-fourteen-year-old shifted closer to him to line herself up with the target and pointed her wand at it. “Stupefy.” This time, the target lit up in the centre. “Finally!” she breathed, smiling and turning hazel eyes back to Jesse. “Tank you, again. Your tips seem to be vorking.”

  • Glad you came to play! Jesse, Fri Jan 31 15:31
    Jesse thought that Kejan’s smile was very pretty. He wondered why he hadn’t noticed her in the three years they had been roommates? He wondered if it was really because of her twin brother? Did Jesse ... more
    • Surprisingly, I'm glad too. — Kejan, Tue Feb 4 06:11
      • Soooo....Jesse, Fri Feb 7 20:17
        Jesse couldn’t help but want to touch the girl’s hair. She was smart and pretty. Plus, she was a Pureblood and Uncle Sandro would be happy that Jesse was making friends with Purebloods. When she... more
        • *hums thoughtfully*Kejan, Wed Feb 12 04:36
          Kejan was not the sort of girl who willingly loaned out her notes to absent classmates. It was their own fault for missing class, and missing class obviously meant that they didn’t care about their... more
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