Fri Feb 7, 2014 20:17

Jesse couldn’t help but want to touch the girl’s hair. She was smart and pretty. Plus, she was a Pureblood and Uncle Sandro would be happy that Jesse was making friends with Purebloods. When she looked at him while her arm was raised and agreed with him that she was one of the smartest people in their year Jesse frowned. He didn’t like people who were full of themselves (unless the person’s name was Jesse Ramos that was.)

She then thanked him which redeemed herself a bit. “I always notice pretty girls. Plus it’s good to know the smart people!” Jesse said with a grin. “That way if I ever miss a class for some random reason, I can borrow your notes.”

When Kejan moved closer to Jesse he leaned in a bit closer. When she casted Stupefy perfectly Jesse smiled. He may be a slacker but he was a damn good tutor. When she thanked him again he nodded. He began to move out of the booth he suddenly turned around. “You wouldn’t happen to want to go see a movie on Saturday, would you?” Jesse asked with a smile. The one thing the Jesse loved about being a third year was exploring Pearl Street, and the movie theater was one of his favorites.

“Like on a date.” he said added so Kejan knew exactly what Jesse was asking. Sometimes girls thought of Jesse as a friend but he was actually hoping to get a girlfriend this year and Kejan was a good choice in girlfriend, he guessed.

  • Surprisingly, I'm glad too.Kejan, Tue Feb 4 06:11
    Helpfully, Jesse supplemented his visual demonstration with an explanation of what exactly he had been doing in order to cast the spell correctly. ‘Great.’ The Belarusian witch nodded along at his... more
    • Soooo.... — Jesse, Fri Feb 7 20:17
      • *hums thoughtfully*Kejan, Wed Feb 12 04:36
        Kejan was not the sort of girl who willingly loaned out her notes to absent classmates. It was their own fault for missing class, and missing class obviously meant that they didn’t care about their... more
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