Ika Blackburn
Tastes like success
Mon Mar 3, 2014 15:55

All six of the owls Ika was expecting arrived in the same week. Under normal conditions, she would’ve opened them all right away—Ika wasn’t the most patient Draco—but this week, she was under “one five-page Potions essay, one Cultural Studies presentation, two exams, and last-minute Into the Woods costume touch-ups” conditions. Between washing ink off the side of her left hand and debating a partial Transfiguration for Copeland Henkes instead of the wolf mask, it wasn’t until the sixth letter arrived that Ika realized she had been carrying pieces of her future around for the past few days.

Ika didn’t know where Rosetta had found out that the Chupacabras wanted to sign her, but Keith had read his Oxford acceptance letter in the Reference Center. It was as good a place as any, so Ika found her own table and laid six envelopes out in front of her. Some of the packages were thicker than the others, and Ika did her best to focus on the fact that it probably meant she’d been accepted somewhere instead of trying to figure out which of the envelopes felt smaller.

The blonde still wasn’t sure what she was hoping for. Working with a Creature Healer right away had worked really well for Anders—he had his own shop now!—and San Diego was a good place to work. But the internship with Beast Rehabilitation would let her work with the same animals regularly, and the one with the national parks would have a more organic environment, and working in a zoo would expose her to exotic animals. And she did sort of want to get a degree…

Ika wasn’t sure whether it would be more overwhelming to get into all of them or to get only one. She wouldn’t have to make any hard choices if five of the six turned her down.

Her hand hovered over the table, fingers cold and shaky. Ika pulled her hands back after a second. It was so silly—the responses wouldn’t change no matter which one she opened first. And yet… She flagged down the next person who passed. “Tell me which one to open first,” Ika said, with a sweeping gesture to the table. “I’m too nervous to pick. You do it.”

    • Try not to eat your mail dearYelena York II, Tue Mar 4 01:34
      Easily lost in her own little world, filled to the brim and splashing over with high tides and trade winds, drunken pirates tangled through her hair, stumbling across her scalp and spilling rum... more
      • Thanks for the adviceIka, Tue Mar 4 02:31
        Ika couldn’t quite remember now—it was hard to keep track of sort of unrelated events from a few years ago. But she thought that around the time Yelena York (or Lena, she supposed—Nicco called his... more
        • You ought to take itLena, Tue Mar 4 03:24
          Lena tucked a loose curl behind her ear, her free arm hugging the thick novel against her breast, gazing critically at the envelopes, all face down and spread before Veronika. "Oh yes, it's not at... more
          • Paper is probably bad for digestionIka, Tue Mar 4 22:22
            Clearing the confusion only took a few seconds—and it wasn’t Lena’s fault, really, that she hadn’t immediately assumed Ika was reviewing colleges. That said, Lena should know Ika was Muggleborn and... more
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