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Tue Mar 4, 2014 02:31

Ika couldn’t quite remember now—it was hard to keep track of sort of unrelated events from a few years ago. But she thought that around the time Yelena York (or Lena, she supposed—Nicco called his sister “Lena,” and Ika had always been partial to nicknames) came to RMI, Ika and Nicco had been having their sort of rift. If it weren’t for that, Ika was sure she and Lena would have been closer than they were. From what she knew of the Aquila, Ika liked her well enough, and it was nice that she’d chosen someone she knew but who wasn’t too close to her. Ika wanted to break the word of her acceptances to her friends when she had all the good news.

All six envelopes were face-down—Ika had thought that if she could see what size package was from which organization, she might just explode with assumptions. Lena seemed to need a moment to take them all in, too. “Oh goodness.

Ika smiled wryly, turning her head to look at the younger girl. Six colleges (or post-school plans, anyway) was kind of a lot—sure, Keith had applied to seven, but Marisol had only applied to three. For someone who probably didn’t plan on attending any colleges, six must seem like a lot. “Are these your only marriage proposals?

Ika blinked up at Lena, entirely stunned. “Do people really propose by letter?” she stammered, unable to think of anything else. When you had Floo powder and Apparition and everything, owl post seemed like a terribly impersonal way to ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you. Even if pureblood marriages were political or financial arrangements… well, you only got one proposal, hopefully. Doing it by letter seemed tacky.

“Um, they’re not—not marriage proposals.” Ika giggled, trying to distract from the blush painting her cheeks. “I’m not getting married now. I mean, I’m not—I’m seventeen.” Which wasn’t a good reason, considering who she was talking to, but still. Ika was dating Trent (sort of—they’d both been so busy in the last week or so that they’d barely even seen each other at breakfast), but they were nowhere near getting married. To be honest, Ika was starting to think it might be better if they broke up at the end of the year. She liked him a lot, but she knew the long-distance thing was really hard, and lately he’d been kind of inattentive… and the fact that thinking about them breaking up didn’t make her stomach hurt probably meant something too.

She cleared her throat and her head and tried again. “No, um, they’re from colleges and internships I applied for. To figure out what I’ll be doing next year. I wanna work with animals so the question is sort of… where I’m gonna do that.” Ika nodded at the table. “So… which one should I open first?”

  • Try not to eat your mail dearYelena York II, Tue Mar 4 01:34
    Easily lost in her own little world, filled to the brim and splashing over with high tides and trade winds, drunken pirates tangled through her hair, stumbling across her scalp and spilling rum... more
    • Thanks for the advice — Ika, Tue Mar 4 02:31
      • You ought to take itLena, Tue Mar 4 03:24
        Lena tucked a loose curl behind her ear, her free arm hugging the thick novel against her breast, gazing critically at the envelopes, all face down and spread before Veronika. "Oh yes, it's not at... more
        • Paper is probably bad for digestionIka, Tue Mar 4 22:22
          Clearing the confusion only took a few seconds—and it wasn’t Lena’s fault, really, that she hadn’t immediately assumed Ika was reviewing colleges. That said, Lena should know Ika was Muggleborn and... more
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