You ought to take it
Tue Mar 4, 2014 03:24

Lena tucked a loose curl behind her ear, her free arm hugging the thick novel against her breast, gazing critically at the envelopes, all face down and spread before Veronika. "Oh yes, it's not at all unheard of for families of lower stature to outline the benefits of joining their houses. Sometimes a personal letter of self-recommendation will be included, and a portrait of the heir in question, and that can be romantic... unless they're a horrid writer, or they're ugly."

It took Lena a moment to note the surprise on Veronika's face, and the spluttered vowels that had wrapped around the older girl's throat when she asked about the proposals. Her mistake was confirmed by Veronika's quick explanation, giggling herself at the faint blush spread across the pale face. "Oh - I'm sorry - I simply thought..." Lena shook her head, smiling. "What are these then?"

Colleges. Internships. Universities. Career opportunities. Lena shifted her weight from one foot to the other, curiousity warring with instant discomfort. Over the summer she'd been learning how to be a proper lady, burying the parts of herself that longed for salt air and violent waves, shaving her legs and crossing them delicately, arranging the skirt of her dress so that her ankle was poking through, allowing glimpses of her calf and the teasing promise of child bearing hips hidden from view. This is how you entice a man... this is how you address his mother... guard your thoughts and always smile... obey your father, your brothers, one day your husband and his father...

"You're going to work with animals?" Lena's smile widened, flickers of sadness in hidden crevices, something longing in her gaze. "That's so lovely." She leaned forward, loose tendrils of her hair brushing against Veronika's chair, caramel colored fingers playing across the sharp edges of each unopened envelope. "This... no - no, yes, this one."

It was thick, weighing heavily in her hand. "It feels like I'm holding your future." Lena laughed and then cringed immediately after speaking her mind, feeling that the words were at worst too personal, and at best simply foolish. "Um, buena suerte. I hope it holds good news."

The front was stamped with the insignia of a national park Lena recognized. Achingly curious over Veronika Blackburn's path in life, but uncertain if her presence was still desired, Lena stepped a little off to the side, hugging her book tighter against her chest with both arms, awaiting the older girl's reaction.

  • Thanks for the adviceIka, Tue Mar 4 02:31
    Ika couldn’t quite remember now—it was hard to keep track of sort of unrelated events from a few years ago. But she thought that around the time Yelena York (or Lena, she supposed—Nicco called his... more
    • You ought to take it — Lena, Tue Mar 4 03:24
      • Paper is probably bad for digestionIka, Tue Mar 4 22:22
        Clearing the confusion only took a few seconds—and it wasn’t Lena’s fault, really, that she hadn’t immediately assumed Ika was reviewing colleges. That said, Lena should know Ika was Muggleborn and... more
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