Paper is probably bad for digestion
Tue Mar 4, 2014 22:22

Clearing the confusion only took a few seconds—and it wasn’t Lena’s fault, really, that she hadn’t immediately assumed Ika was reviewing colleges. That said, Lena should know Ika was Muggleborn and probably wouldn’t be entertaining any would-be suitors.

Ika was almost certain that everyone at RMI knew she was a Muggleborn. She liked being associated with her brother and sister, but Keith had vocalized his strong opinions about so-called blood purity when he was at RMI, and despite living with one, Rosetta was brazenly anti-pureblood. Sometimes Ika felt like a Muggleborn pet that Lyubov and Nicco and the Knight girls and Zakir had adopted—like she’d ended up in a wizarding school by mistake, and they’d taken under their wing for fun. Half the time she felt like the only sane man among them, and the other half like a foreign exchange student that needed to learn her host country’s culture.

“You might be,” she replied, her smile tightened by nerves. Lena had picked up the envelope from the park service, which looked promisingly thick. Ika thanked her, took it, and, realizing Lena had backed away, added, “Oh—please, stay. Grab a chair.” There were bound to be a few rejections on the pile, and while most of the purebloods she knew handled the failure of others patronizingly, she didn’t want to open everything alone.

Ika ran her thumb under the flap of the envelope, trying not to completely destroy the iridescent green seal with the park service’s emblem stamped onto it. If she ended up working for the national parks, she’d want to keep the letter. Ika liked souvenirs.

She searched for a heavy white sheet, disregarding the other paper flotsam in the envelope. They seemed mostly to be glossy animated photos of wild hippogriffs and large maps folded to impossibly discreet sizes. Finding what she was looking for, Ika unfolded it and read.

Dear Ms. Blackburn,

We are pleased to be able to offer you a position as a junior wildlife magizoologist, working with the Re’em population in Amargosa Valley, Nevada. Your two-year employment period will begin on the first of July this calendar year. Local housing will be provided, and you will receive a monthly stipend of…

Ika released a tense breath, relaxing her shoulders as a smile spread across her face. She offered the letter to Lena to read. “I got one,” she said, trying not to sound incredulous. The internship with the Department of Wizarding Wildlife wasn’t the most competitive position she had applied for, but she was proud of getting it all the same. Much calmer now that she knew at least one employer wanted her, Ika turned to Lena again. “Okay, that was fun. Which one next?”

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    Lena tucked a loose curl behind her ear, her free arm hugging the thick novel against her breast, gazing critically at the envelopes, all face down and spread before Veronika. "Oh yes, it's not at... more
    • Paper is probably bad for digestion — Ika, Tue Mar 4 22:22
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