Aoife McGuire
Thanks universe. T
Wed Apr 2, 2014 16:04

Aoife had long ago grown weary of writing letters home.

She had never been skilled with the written word and there was only so much you could say in a letter. Some people claimed letters were more intimate and thoughtful, they had obviously never received one of her’s. They nearly all turned out identical to each other. It was sort of a family joke and she couldn’t see them being of much interest to her parents. They probably skimmed over them and then tossed them into a box to re-emerge in the future in order to humiliate her at family gatherings.

Oooh, look how silly Aoife was. She did write about boys a lot didn’t she? In this one she wrote home asking for socks. Hahaha!

Some people were easily amused.

It all felt pointless. But she did it each week religiously. It was important to Aoife that her parents did not think she had forgotten them. Although, throughout the school year she had thought of them less and less. It had not been easy making conversation with them during midterm. Once they had been everything to Aoife. However it was apparent that their relationship had altered. She felt closest to her friends and preferred to share her worries with them. There was little chance of the Cetus confiding in her mum over her poor grades or trying to ask her dad about magical theory.

She contemplated telling them about her most recent potions class just to fill space on the sheet of parchment which was pathetically deprived of ink. Eventually, she decided against it. With a lazy hand, the sixteen year old started to scrawled her signature. Then the nib of her quill snapped. There was an ugly dark blot right where the O should be. Frustrated she let out a puff of air.

Aoife couldn’t resist mutter some unpleasant words before giving into defeat and resting her head on the table, red hair spilling around her.She then said aloud with her voice dripping in self pity, “The universe hates me, doesn’t it?”

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