Librarian Cassandra Harlesdon
Study Hall - years 1-3
Mon Jun 9, 2014 04:04 (XFF:

Cassandra was not ready for study hall. The normally calm and collected librarian was still rushing around setting things up as the students began to arrive. It was not a feeling she particularly enjoyed in and of itself – being rushed, or harried – added to which was the embarrassment of the students seeing her in such a state.

“If you could all do some reading, or discuss this week's questions amongst yourselves, that would be wonderful,” she began, gesturing to the large noticeboard which she'd already wheeled out. On it were students' questions, dropped anonymously into a box in the library during the week for their peers to post answers to during the study hall. “I apologise – I had an urgent floo call just before study hall was due to start.” Although she rarely delved into her private business, even with friends, she thought the students were owed some sort of explanation for why their class wasn't ready. And, although it should be sufficient enough to explain the current chaos, the explanation didn't reveal too much detail.

The call in question had been from the headmistress of the St. Angela de Medici School for Magical Children with Additional Needs, where Cassandra's daughter, Amelie, was a pupil. The headmistress had courteously asked whether it was a convenient time to speak but that was the thing with being a parent... When one received unexpected calls from the headmistress, it became a convenient time, whether it really was or not. The reason for the call had turned out to be that a student in Amelie's class had become distressed and had a burst of accidental magic, causing a rather nasty outbreak of boils in several members of the class, including Amelie. The headmistress had assured her that the school nurse was taking the situation well in hand but it was her duty to inform the parents of the affected children. Apparently Amelie was bearing up well, having only been a little tearful about the incident, and was being well-behaved and co-operative for the nurse, which was a blessing to hear.

Cassandra had paired up the subjects for study halls, and today's were cultural studies and magical science. It was just her luck that it would be those when she was feeling flustered, as they were the ones most outside her comfort zone. Today for cultural studies (though it overlapped with magical science), she was handing out quizzes entitled 'Electricity – true or false' and 'Some questions on basic computer use.' Computers were new to many of the students here, and thus she felt becoming more familiar with using them was a good way for study hall to support the students' learning. Unfortunately, she had never used one herself, and couldn't bring them down to the library. She would have to ask Professor Blair whether it was possible to send small groups of students to use them during this period. There were also blank diagrams of computer keyboards for the students to fill out, in order to familiarise them with the mysterious and illogical layout of the device. Plenty of books were available to assist them with these tasks.

The magical science area was a little more fun. She was setting up an obstacle course with some toy cars at the start. The students had to use different spells to get the cars around the course, and there was a sheet with a diagram of it on which they could note the different spells used and what force it was enhancing or counteracting in order to support the car on its journey.

Once she had finished setting them up, she addressed the students again, explaining the tasks and setting them to them. Having done that, she wanted nothing more than to collapse back into a comfy chair with a cup of coffee and perhaps some cake. Unfortunately, students needed supervising, and it would be an hour before she was free to do that.

OOC – welcome to study hall, which (in character) is compulsory for all characters from first to third year (obviously it's up to you whether you post here or not). Students should not be attempting practical work outside of that mentioned, but are welcome to read up or complete homework for other subjects. Cassandra is keeping an eye and would not allow a situation to get out of hand, so please break off and give me a chance to respond before you've razed the entire obstacle course to the ground, for example.

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