Librarian Cassandra Harlesdon
Study Hall - years 1-3 - fun for all!
Thu Aug 28, 2014 07:50

Cassandra was not looking forward to Study Hall, which she would be teaching with smoking ears and a fuzzy head. She'd been suffering with the cold that had been going around the school, although she had realised that morning that she could go to the medic for help. She was so used to having to take care of herself that she'd spent quite a while trying to figure out when she could get to Pearl Street or whether she'd be better off placing an owl order before she remembered that help was just down the corridor. It was almost all too easy, though very welcome. It was also a pleasant change to only have herself to look after when she was ill, though she felt bad for thinking it. It was the point of motherhood, after all, that it was a fairly permanent task, and one you didn't really get days off from. But not having to look after Amelie whilst she herself was under the weather made it a lot easier. It was also a lot easier not having to be looked after by Amelie...She was sweet, and she tried and, whilst Cassandra appreciated the sentiment, her daughter's less than exacting ministrations could be exhausting. These usually involved observing 'Mommy sick,' followed by a routine of bringing every potentially useful object over – tissues, teddies, frequent spoonfuls of imaginary medicine, dispensed from what was actually a plastic ketchup bottle in her toy kitchen set – and piling them onto Cassandra or forcing them towards her mouth, whichever was appropriate. She would also sometimes bring books and either read haltingly or simply make observations from the pictures, which was more welcome and endearing. There were some stories that she could recite chunks of from memory though that was through constant fixated requests on her part and constant repetition of them on Cassandra's, so they tended to be the last she wanted to hear. This playing nurse would inevitably be followed by 'Mommy better?' and the guilt that was associated with her having to reply 'not yet' or 'soon.' Being sick was awkward because you couldn't predict when it was going to end. Amelie understood units of time, or could at least be made to count them down using tick sheets and visual timetables. Sometimes, when her nursing didn't result in Cassandra leaping off the settee full of vigour, she would bring these over, and ask 'When?' It was in equal measures adorable, heart-wrenching and just plain hard work. There was also the ever present worry, if she hadn't caught the bug from Amelie in the first place, that she'd pass it on to her. Cassandra was still debating whether to visit her daughter over the weekend. She would hopefully no longer be showing symptoms, so wouldn't cause Amelie to fret, but might still be contagious, and a sick Amelie was not a happy Amelie.

“Good morning,” she greeted, trying to sound like her usual brisk and efficient self, as if sheer presence and pretence of normality could get them to ignore her smoking ears. The study hall today would be looking at Potions and Herbology. She had planned it before getting sick and was relieved that it wasn't likely to be a very disaster prone day, though anything could happen in the hands of first years.

“We'll be reviewing the plants you've studied so far in Herbology, specifically looking at the re-potting techniques for them. Some are straight forwards, whereas others require special equipment or have a particular knack to them. There are seven common plants on the work benches, along with a selection of things you might need to transfer them to new homes,” there were several stations housing all of these things to minimise the students' waiting times.

“If you wish to practise with these, please fill out the pop quiz on the Herbology bench first and hand it to me. You may use your books.” The pop quiz simply asked the students to detail the correct equipment or techniques needed for each plant. Any student who gave the correct answers would be permitted to move onto the practical area. Cassandra was happy for them to use books as the main purpose was making sure the right information was in their heads before they set to work, not testing them.

“For Potions, you can do cauldron cleaning and maintenance. I know, it's not the most thrilling subject in the world, but it's important to keep your equipment in good order, so you may as well do it on class time rather than on your own. Page five in your Potions books details the correct cleaning procedures as well as how to make a standard safety check. If you are confident in your cleaning spells you may use those, but I have also provided manual methods.” It was tasks like this, she knew, that would make students hate her, but it was important to get them into good habits. The reality was that they needed to do this and she was doing them a favour by it not taking up their precious free time. She doubted they'd see it that way though. “I want everyone to complete this task, and there will be a pop quiz at the end of study hall to check you internalised at least some of this information. You may talk quietly amongst yourselves. Let me know if you need me.”

OOC – welcome to study hall! Posts must be at least 200 words and will be marked on length, realism, relevance and creativity. As far as I'm aware, there's no official tips on cauldron maintenance, so feel free to make up things that make sense to you. You are also welcome to add details about what plants you're repotting and how you need to do that. You can assume that if you hand a correct quiz in to Cassandra, she permits you to move onto the practical.

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