Starr Colindale
[In the corridors] Ideally seeking a fellow fourth year...
Mon Dec 2, 2013 08:38

Starr stood in the corridors of the school, trying to see it as an opportunity and not a prison. He was always open to new experiences and seeing how other people lived. The trouble was, six months, maybe a year, max, would be an interesting, horizon-expanding journey but he'd been sentenced to four years. Four years of sitting still, doing what he was told and, worst of all, being away from his family. For someone who was used to being pretty much within touching distance of them, sharing confined and cosy spaces, that was tough to take. He hadn't felt like it was really going to happen until it actually had. The home-school inspector had shown up, in his little cloud of gloom-laden authority and a sharp grey suit, bringing with him orders and decrees to get Starr into 'a proper school,' his mother's hotch potch approach to home education having failed on its final chance. But then the man had left and life had carried on pretty much as normal – hop, skip and jumping from place to place, doing shows and then sleeping under the stars or wherever hospitality was offered. Brochures had been procured. Schools had been talked about. This one had been chosen. He guessed his mother had done the forms as he was here. But all those conversations had seemed like short asides, like suggestions, rather than something that was being set into real motion. He guessed that was cos no one really wanted it to happen, and he doubted his mother had taken any particular hurry over it, which was why the new fourth year had arrived a couple of weeks after the term had officially started.

The headmaster guy had shown him around, including his room in Draco House. He didn't really know what to make of that. The people in it sounded kind of serious and study-driven, which he didn't think was him but he hadn't met any of them yet, and you had to do that before you could form an impression of people. He'd been left to settle into his room but hadn't stayed long enough to even unpack. The idea of settling into a place, with any sense of the long term, was completely alien to him. He didn't want to settle. He wanted to roam and to explore, and so here he was. He was sure the school held many interesting secrets but the thing he wanted most was to get outside. He had no clue which way that lay though, and so he prowled along the corridors, searching for any sign of light at the end of a tunnel. Rounding a corner, he found not light but another person.

“Hi,” Starr hailed them, giving the person a slightly roguish and lopsided smile, “Do you know how to get outside?” The request probably did not seem particularly out of place coming from him. His hair hung longish, as if cut infrequently, and his skin was weather-beaten and tanned. He was dressed in dark green linen trousers and a rough cotton shirt in stripes of dark red and brown. The situation had demanded footwear and so he had reluctantly donned sandals. In short, 'outside' looked very much more like where one would expect to find him than amongst the neat and tidy school corridors.

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      • You don't seem to want me to be here...Starr, Wed Dec 4 14:24
        OOC – this is actually set on Starr's first day (a couple of weeks into term) so not sure how much she'd have seen him around! IC “Yeah, outside,” he nodded, when she queried it. “I mean, I know the... more
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          One thing that Melinda had noticed about RMI was a lack of guys. And the Lyra liked guys. Had since she was a little first year.In fact, prior to that. The problem was that the dating pool here was... more
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