Pamela Wrey
Well, I am a fourth year, but I might not be ideal...
Tue Dec 3, 2013 15:06

Pamela found it surprising how easy Chris was avoiding her. The fourth year's brother had managed to completely evade his sister for an entire month now, with only small glimpses of her in the corridor. He had not stopped to talk and even threw a smile in her way. Pam supposed the new Lyra was just adjusting to school life and wishing to claim a name beyond being labelled as her little brother. He seemed to have reacted to his housing poorly, though through letters from Linden it was clear another young Lyra might have captured Christopher's attention. Well, this is what Linden had deducted from her older brother's letters home. Though, for Chris' sake, Pamela hoped she was a pureblood, the last thing Chris needed was to face Oliver's wrath after falling in love with a muggleborn.

Pam was making a beeline for the Reference Centre, in search of a solitude afternoon. The Draco common room was a little louder than usual and Pam had not yet met the new Librarian. It planned out to be just another time filling episode (or a rather sleeping consuming one if Pam found the right book) and Pam would probably end up using it to reflect her time at RMI so far. She had been here almost a year, after transferring late into her third year after being kicked out of her last school and in all honesty, she had never been happier. No one was the least bit nosy on her clothing and no one was noting her disappearances every month. She had even met a few nice people. Well, one. Even the thought of Killian had her dark face glowing red, though she felt rather stupid doing so.

Anyways, she making her small journey to the library, when turning the corridor she found herself facing another student. She couldn't remember his name, but she knew he had transferred here this year and he was a Draco as she had seen him in the common. He had to be a fourth or fifth year student as well, since he was in some of her lessons.

"Hi, " He greeted her with a devilish smile “Do you know how to get outside?”

"O-outside?" Pamela blinked, cursing her usual stuttering speech, feeling uncomfortable being addressed. It was not his fault after all, she had just always been a more private person and avoided conversations unless necessary.

"I mean, um," The girl said, looking around to fend off eye contact, wildly trying to think of directions she was clear of before being confronted. After some time, she managed to stammer out directions to the boy, trying to be polite.

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    • Well, I am a fourth year, but I might not be ideal... — Pamela Wrey, Tue Dec 3 15:06
      • You don't seem to want me to be here...Starr, Wed Dec 4 14:24
        OOC – this is actually set on Starr's first day (a couple of weeks into term) so not sure how much she'd have seen him around! IC “Yeah, outside,” he nodded, when she queried it. “I mean, I know the... more
        • But I do...Melinda Brogren, Tue Dec 10 21:15
          One thing that Melinda had noticed about RMI was a lack of guys. And the Lyra liked guys. Had since she was a little first year.In fact, prior to that. The problem was that the dating pool here was... more
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