You don't seem to want me to be here...
Wed Dec 4, 2013 14:24

OOC – this is actually set on Starr's first day (a couple of weeks into term) so not sure how much she'd have seen him around!


“Yeah, outside,” he nodded, when she queried it. “I mean, I know the outside's kinda faked here but something green to look at would be nice right now.” Starr would never have described himself as a claustrophobic person – he was used to being in some really tight little spaces. Yet here, in this great big school, the walls seemed almost oppressive. Maybe it was because it was such a big building... The great thing about little spaces was it was only ever a couple of steps to take you into the great outdoors. Here, without this girl's help, he could be stuck inside for Merlin knew how long. That made him twitchy. He felt like a little lab rat, stuck in a maze.

He watched her as she seemed to consider this. She seemed very determined to look everywhere except directly at him. He ran a hand self-consciously around his face, wondering if there was something offensive stuck to it. Seemed fine to him. Being a performer, Starr was used to be stared at. He was perfectly comfortable with any amount of attention or lime light. The opposite, somewhat unsurprisingly, had the opposite effect. Starr felt somewhat alienated by the fact this girl seemed to be trying to avoid him, when he was standing right in front of her. It made him feel invisible and he didn't like that in the slightest.

“Ok... thanks,” he said. He began to repeat the directions back to her, to check he'd got them. “And then... sorry,” he shook his head, unable to remember the last part, “I'm new here, so it's all really unfamiliar.”

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    • You don't seem to want me to be here... — Starr, Wed Dec 4 14:24
      • But I do...Melinda Brogren, Tue Dec 10 21:15
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