Melinda Brogren
But I do...
Tue Dec 10, 2013 21:15

One thing that Melinda had noticed about RMI was a lack of guys. And the Lyra liked guys. Had since she was a little first year.In fact, prior to that. The problem was that the dating pool here was pretty shallow. There were only a few with possibilities and others she wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Plus there were some like Chord, who was pretty much spoken for, and she had no idea what the thing was with Logan and her roommate and Reece Campbell. She especially udidn't get the Reece part. He was anti-magic and insane. Logan had more possibilities despite his not talking. Though what really got Melinda was that Charline was one of those purebloods. The kind that hated anyone who wasn't one and probably didn't even think too highly of Melinda herself because she was-gasp-middle class despite being a pureblood. Reece was clearly a muggleborn and she thought Logan might be half which made Melinda's roommate a total hypocrite. Carrick was also taken. She supposed there were Mason Peterson or Zack Drogan. Not the coolest guys ever but one couldn't be too picky in this situation. There was also Aman but Melinda wasn't entirely sure he was even straight.

She entered the Finer Diner in search of food but before she got to a table and ordered her lunch, the Lyra spotted something much more interesting. Pam, that quiet transfer girl in her class was talking to someone that looked far more interesting to Melinda. A guy. A new guy. One about her age. And what did Pam need him for? Last the Lyra had heard she had something going on with Tucker's roommate.

Plus, Melinda was so much hotter than Pam. She took better care of her looks. The Lyra tried to emphasize her assets, which as a fourteen year old, she was pleased to see were growing quite nice while the other girl wore baggy shapeless clothing that hid everything . No matter what one actually looked like, presentation was very important. One could always be made to look better, use make up and flattering clothing to improve things. Not to mention walking with an air of confidence, which she had and the other girl really didn't seem to.

Not that there was anything wrong with being quiet and shy. Ben was exceedingly quiet and would probably do quite well in life because he was rather intelligent and would probably go into Potions or something. On the other hand, in Melinda's future career, such a personality would be a detriment. Of course, people with a personality like that wouldn't want to be an actress or a model in the first place. Nor would they ever be competition for her for a role or something. Not like that younger girl who beat her for a bigger part last year. Melinda was going to have to watch that girl to make sure she wasn't a threat.

In Pam's case though, well, it was hard to tell at all what she looked like honestly. Maybe she was really pretty and just needed a makeover. Which would be a fun thing to do! Besides, it wasn't like she was wearing a gas mask around or something. The other fourth year girl might be shy or have body issues, but she didn't seem to be insane .

At the moment though, the new guy was way more interesting to her than his current companion. She strolled on over and flashed a winning smile at the guy. "Hello, I'm Melinda Brogren." So as not to be rude, she turned to the other girl, still smiling. People looked better when they were smiling and it was important to be impressive to everyone. "Hey Pam." She turned back to the guy. "So, I haven't seen you around before. I take it you're new to RMI?"

OOC-Apologies to Pam for any criticism of her looks on Melinda's part.

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    OOC – this is actually set on Starr's first day (a couple of weeks into term) so not sure how much she'd have seen him around! IC “Yeah, outside,” he nodded, when she queried it. “I mean, I know the... more
    • But I do... — Melinda Brogren, Tue Dec 10 21:15
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