Brielle Hawkins [Aquila]
Sat Dec 14, 2013 18:22

Brielle sat in the Finer Diner, watching the boy who always seemed to be there at the same time as she. As a deep breath escaped her lungs and she went to look at the moving scenery of the dining car, Brielle also noticed that there was a boy clutching his dream catcher. She thought that it glowed blue, indicating his position in Cetus, but she couldn’t quite tell because his hands were clutching it too much. He must have started late, just the same as Brielle, though he was later than she'd expected a student to be allowed.

She tried to focus back on the Scourgify spell that she'd learned in her first Spellwork class, flicking her wrist and whispering the command, but she couldn’t focus on anything other than the smell of bacon from a few tables away. She let out a deep sigh and slammed her black and gray wand on the table. She pushed her glasses up a tad and tucked a lock of her auburn hair behind her ear and the leg of her glasses, hoping that this time it would stay, and she whipped her head towards the Bacon Boy. She didn’t know why he had to have bacon all the time. What was more was that she didn’t know why it was so distracting, possibly because her foster parents never allowed her bacon. Joseph just had to be a vegetarian…

Brielle saw that the Bacon Boy had called the nervous boy over, but the newbie didn’t move except to ask if Bacon Boy was talking to him. She furrowed her brow and forgot about the smell of bacon. Seeing as the boy looked like a deer caught in the headlights, Brielle figured that he was a very keep-to-himself kind of kid, much like she was. She smirked and raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms and reading the boy. He was really nervous and almost began to tremble at the invitation, and he didn’t seem to know what to do. As a first year who had started late, Brielle understood what was happening to him. She let her arms fall to the side and rolled her eyes, knowing that this personally meant that she had to talk to him. She wouldn’t have minded if it wasn’t for that stubborn stain that her Scourgify command wouldn’t get it out completely.

“Or,” Brielle called after Bacon Boy’s invitation to eat, “If you want another late student to help you adjust, I can help you out.” She walked over and extended a hand, despite her shy nature. “I’m Brielle, Brielle Hawkins, first year Aquila.” She felt that piece of auburn hair fall in her face, but she didn’t remove her hand as she waited for his response.

(OOC: Don't let this fool you; Bacon is amaaaaazing)

  • Quite unsureEirikur Vilhjalmsson, Sat Dec 14 00:37
    (OOC: Just gotta say that bacon is amazing.) IC: At the sound of a voice, somehow clearer than the rest, Eirikur looked up from his feet and cast his eyes around. Spotting Noah, he jumped and shrank... more
    • Quick OOC NoteSasha, Sun Dec 15 15:00
      Hey there Eirikur! It's awesome to see you posting and settling into the site! Just a quick reminder, here at RMI we have a 200-word minimum for all posts. This is to give other authors more to work... more
      • OOC moment: sorry >.<;Eirikur Vilhjalmsson, Sun Dec 15 21:22
        Yes I know there's a min. limit, but there's times where try as I might I can't reach it because I just don't know what to write. i try my best though everytime, but when i can't i feel like i'm... more
    • Well... — Brielle Hawkins [Aquila], Sat Dec 14 18:22
      • Too closeEirikur Vilhjalmsson, Sun Dec 15 22:36
        Uttering a small strange sound, Eirikur jumped back from her hand, tripping over one of his bags and crashing to the floor on his back. Practically crab-walking away as he scooted back, he hit the... more
        • He's worse than meBrielle Hawkins [Aquila], Mon Dec 16 20:43
          Brielle jumped back quickly and went to hide, but to no prevail; there was nowhere to hide. The boy shrank down into himself, tucking his knees to his chest and placing his forehead on his knees. Her ... more
          • Better approach than beforeEirikur Vilhjalmsson, Tue Dec 17 01:39
            Her change in approach was noted, and though Eirikur was still having a panic attack he forced himself to look at her. "It's not just looking." he mumbled. "People in general I don't like being... more
            • Progress is goodBrielle Hawkins [Aquila], Tue Dec 17 10:53
              Brielle smiled a little grin as the boy looked up at her. He still did not meet her eyes, but baby steps were good for now. "Wh...What does the blue color mean?" he stammered as he probably... more
              • my name...?Eirikur Vilhjalmsson, Mon Dec 30 19:45
                He listened to her, though he didn't look at her. He was definitely not a leader...but...he truly was a quiet shy loner. Well, House Cetus really did fit him Eirikur had to admit. He glanced sideways ... more
                • Well, then, need a guide?Brielle Hawkins (Aquila), Sat Jan 4 14:25
                  The boy remained without a name and kept his eyes fluttering anywhere except for Brielle. "Oh... um... I... I... I'm... Eirikur..." he stammered nervously. She smiled at the response; even though it... more
                  • The libraryEirikur Vilhjalmsson, Mon Jan 13 02:18
                    Eirikur felt his face flush red at her comment about his name. Shyly scuffing the floor with his foot as he thought about her question. " the school have a library?" he asked, voice... more
                    • Then to the Library We'll GoBrielle Hawkins (Aquila), Sat Jan 18 00:17
                      " the school have a library?" Brielle smiled as the shy boy asked the question. Everyone seemed to like the library on their first day of school here; it's where she had gone first,... more
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