Eirikur Vilhjalmsson
OOC moment: sorry >.<;
Sun Dec 15, 2013 21:22

Yes I know there's a min. limit, but there's times where try as I might I can't reach it because I just don't know what to write. i try my best though everytime, but when i can't i feel like i'm stretching it out too much and making a very poor response. There will always be moments of rp where people don't have enough to say to fill out a word limit, and where it's poor writing to simply add totally random things just to fill it up.
Also he doesn't know Noah's name, I simply used it so as it was understood who was being referred to. That's simply how I write. Eirikur himself when looking at Noah is looking at him like we do when we don't know someone. Again, I simply said his name in the post so that it could be understood clearly that Noah was being acknowledged as speaking to Eirikur. It's a method for me to also keep track of who I'm referring to when writing.

>.< Hope I don't sound rude, trying not to.

  • Quick OOC NoteSasha, Sun Dec 15 15:00
    Hey there Eirikur! It's awesome to see you posting and settling into the site! Just a quick reminder, here at RMI we have a 200-word minimum for all posts. This is to give other authors more to work... more
    • OOC moment: sorry >.<; — Eirikur Vilhjalmsson, Sun Dec 15 21:22
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