Brielle Hawkins [Aquila]
Progress is good
Tue Dec 17, 2013 10:53 (XFF:

Brielle smiled a little grin as the boy looked up at her. He still did not meet her eyes, but baby steps were good for now.

"Wh...What does the blue color mean?" he stammered as he probably remembered the dream catcher. To be honest, she had forgotten about it, as well. She looked at the small blue object in her hands.

"Blue... The color of the dream catcher is equal to the color of the house you have been sorted into." She waited as he played with the fray of his robes, then continued, "The blue here is the color of the Cetus house, where you've been sorted." She let him soak in the information as she began to tell him about the Cetus house a little bit. "Ceti are typically keep to the rules kinds of witches and wizards," she began, "And many of them are either very shy or very... Well, let's just say they're 'leaders'." She put air quotes around leaders because she had not yet met a Cetus student who was not quiet or a "loner" (for lack of a better word).

She often wondered why she was not sorted into Cetus because of her quiet and timid nature and her ability to step up when necessary, but she was happy in Aquila, with Jesse Ramos, the third year keeper, and Beka and Cora and Meci, too; the ones who welcomed her more than others. She wanted to make this late starter welcome, as well, because she knew what it was like to be late and to be rather sheepish. Even though she was in a different house didn't mean they couldn't be friends, right?

"What's your name, by the way?" Brielle asked cautiously, looking at the fraying robe. "I'm Brielle."

  • Better approach than beforeEirikur Vilhjalmsson, Tue Dec 17 01:39
    Her change in approach was noted, and though Eirikur was still having a panic attack he forced himself to look at her. "It's not just looking." he mumbled. "People in general I don't like being... more
    • Progress is good — Brielle Hawkins [Aquila], Tue Dec 17 10:53
      • my name...?Eirikur Vilhjalmsson, Mon Dec 30 19:45
        He listened to her, though he didn't look at her. He was definitely not a leader...but...he truly was a quiet shy loner. Well, House Cetus really did fit him Eirikur had to admit. He glanced sideways ... more
        • Well, then, need a guide?Brielle Hawkins (Aquila), Sat Jan 4 14:25
          The boy remained without a name and kept his eyes fluttering anywhere except for Brielle. "Oh... um... I... I... I'm... Eirikur..." he stammered nervously. She smiled at the response; even though it... more
          • The libraryEirikur Vilhjalmsson, Mon Jan 13 02:18
            Eirikur felt his face flush red at her comment about his name. Shyly scuffing the floor with his foot as he thought about her question. " the school have a library?" he asked, voice... more
            • Then to the Library We'll GoBrielle Hawkins (Aquila), Sat Jan 18 00:17
              " the school have a library?" Brielle smiled as the shy boy asked the question. Everyone seemed to like the library on their first day of school here; it's where she had gone first,... more
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