Eirikur Vilhjalmsson
my name...?
Mon Dec 30, 2013 19:45

He listened to her, though he didn't look at her. He was definitely not a leader...but...he truly was a quiet shy loner. Well, House Cetus really did fit him Eirikur had to admit. He glanced sideways at his imaginary friend, and it took the skinny boy a moment to realize she'd asked him a question. He stared at her dully til he realized what it was.
"Oh...um....I..I...I'm...Eirikur..." he mumbled, face flushing with embarrassment. He didn't even care if she heard him or not at this point. He felt if he spoke louder the trembling in his voice would be more obvious. Eirikur continued to pick at his fraying robes, wishing he could go hide in some place. Did the school have a library? Surely they did. He swallowed nervously. This...this Brielle...she would most likely know where it was. But he was too scared to ask so he simply sat in awkward silence. Roserot nudged his elbow, eliciting a faint small smile from Eirikur, He was glad for the company of his friend. At least with Rosenrot he didn't have to talk. They communicated just fine by their silent actions. He risked a nervous glance up at the girl, wondering what else she was going to say to him.

  • Progress is goodBrielle Hawkins [Aquila], Tue Dec 17 10:53
    Brielle smiled a little grin as the boy looked up at her. He still did not meet her eyes, but baby steps were good for now. "Wh...What does the blue color mean?" he stammered as he probably... more
    • my name...? — Eirikur Vilhjalmsson, Mon Dec 30 19:45
      • Well, then, need a guide?Brielle Hawkins (Aquila), Sat Jan 4 14:25
        The boy remained without a name and kept his eyes fluttering anywhere except for Brielle. "Oh... um... I... I... I'm... Eirikur..." he stammered nervously. She smiled at the response; even though it... more
        • The libraryEirikur Vilhjalmsson, Mon Jan 13 02:18
          Eirikur felt his face flush red at her comment about his name. Shyly scuffing the floor with his foot as he thought about her question. "U...um...d...does the school have a library?" he asked, voice... more
          • Then to the Library We'll GoBrielle Hawkins (Aquila), Sat Jan 18 00:17
            "U...um...d...does the school have a library?" Brielle smiled as the shy boy asked the question. Everyone seemed to like the library on their first day of school here; it's where she had gone first,... more
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