Beka Hiemer
Fri Jan 10, 2014 21:24

Beka was in a state of Not-So-Wide-Awake. She was slouched comfortably in a chair, her mind blank, and her eyes following the ever-changing moving scenery outside the windows. If it weren't for the lull of the background, then Beka would have trouble believing that she wasn't actually on a train, her mother's story of her escapades during orientation or not.

It was Sunday. Not that Beka didn't like Sundays, just nothing exciting ever happened on them. You spent the whole day trying to have fun, but the entire time your mind kept returning to the fact that the very next day, less than 24 hours away, you were going to be forcibly shoved back into the routine of homework and classes.

While Beka was attending the little school in her little muggle town, she enjoyed going to school. While at home, the first choice of things to do on her 'To Do,' list was to go explore her woods. The second was to explore the twists and turns in the maze called by muggles 'technology.' School was the main time that Beka saw her muggle friends. At RMI however, she had to live with her friends-- whether she wanted to or not. School became less appealing.

If she was completely honest with herself, Beka enjoyed school, all evidence to the contrary not withstanding. She was an intelligent girl, who liked the stars, technology, and sometimes even books. Sometimes. But she hated homework with a passion and studying with something bordering on loathing. For most of her life, her free time had been hers: to do with as she pleased.

Beka's brown eyes flicked back and forth at the scape 'outside,' and her mind became slightly less blank as she realized that somebody else had entered the diner. Not unusual, for even while meals weren't going on a steady stream of people came in to study, talk with friends, or coax a stray house-elf to give them a snack, but even Beka was a little surprised when the unnamed person came to sit in her general vicinity. Not many people, other than first years themselves, decided to sit with a first year girl. Especially when the mentioned girl was wearing pajamas in the middle of the afternoon, with their hair looking as though she had recently rolled out of bed (though honestly, for Beka, this wasn't anything new) and looking extremely bored.

She wished that it wasn't the middle of Quidditch Season: since team practices were usually during the week on Saturdays and Sundays some of the older students were often having a go at private Quidditch matches, leaving that route to relieve her boredom closed to her. Beka wasn't shy at all about bothering a bunch of older children to have fun, but she also was much to lazy to move at the moment, let alone get on Quidditch gear and borrow a school broom.

Since the Flying Lessons at the beginning of the school year, Beka constantly pestered her mother about getting her a broomstick, leaving her father bemusedly wondering how a child could want to sweep the floors that badly. Her mother, however, didn't want to hear about it. Their family was already short on money without extra expenses, and even if it went unsaid, it wasn't logical to get your daughter a broomstick if she didn't even make the Quidditch team.

As the person approached Beka, she tore her gaze away from the farmlands whizzing by the windows in favor of facing the student. If they where waiting for someone and didn't want to talk, that was their problem. Beka wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to talk to someone who wasn't in her own head, and she wasn't shy. Plus, anything that she could do without moving overmuch was a blessing.

"Hi-" she said, before she was cut of by a yawn. She chuckled silently to herself. If this was an older student, she would love to see what they were thinking about the first year girl who couldn't even say, 'Hi, who are you?' without yawning. Right: respect your elders. She turned to face the student, tiredly smiling.

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