Aman Shah [Lyra Fifth Year]
Transcendental Breakfast
Sat Feb 15, 2014 17:18

Having gone to bed early the night before, Aman found himself alert during breakfast this morning. He came to the Diner early, even after having styled his hair and carefully picked out his outfit of a worn green tee-shirt and jeans underneath his black robe. His time would have been better spent had he actually made some attempts at doing his DADA homework that was due that morning, but he really wasn't feeling it. After working on it for a solid ten minutes the night before, he gave up and resigned himself to sleep. Sometimes, one just has to go to bed.

The fifth year sat alone at a corner table drinking his green tea and nibbling on his toast for quite some time. When his first cup was drained, he went to make another. He didn't much like all the time he had to think, but he just couldn't sleep any longer.

The images flashed in his mind over and over again in his dreams. Aman hated himself for thinking this, but he really wished that his parents had not sent pictures of his sister Ushma's burns. He set the pictures to fire with magic, but that had not erased to image of his little sister's disfigured face from his brain. After reading through the attached letter and finding out the reason for someone throwing acid at his little sister, he felt sick and had to lie down. This had all happened before the winter break, and Aman's new philosophy was to just simply forget his family and focus on his life in America. It was horribly selfish, but he had good reasoning.

Aman did not think he would ever be able to return to India. He was terribly homesick (this was the first year he wasn't able to go back for winter break), but his love for his family was more important than his homesickness. He couldn't risk another attack on his family. His magical, estranged relatives attacked his sister with acid because they were angry that Aman was not coming home for the winter holiday. He actually was planning on doing that, but when his magical grandparents and aunts and uncles showed up on his Squib parent's doorsteps, that all changed. Aman did not know how this happened, but his terrifying relatives had discovered that Aman was a wizard, and they were not happy.

Amans parents were born in a generation of Squibs. No one knew why so many squib children were born to important witches and wizards in Gujarat, India. Aman personally believed that it had to do with Karma. Anyway, Aman's parents were raised as farm animals while their siblings were treated as all children ought to be treated. When they turned 18, they were banished to the surrounding Muggle communities. Aman's parents met and fell in love, and their lives were going to be okay as muggles. That was, until Aman turned out to be magical. They had to hide that fact from their relatives. Other squibs' children had been killed because the wizards thought that they had stolen their magic. Aman was supposed to be hidden for all his childhood in hopes that no one would ever discover his existence... that was, until his Uncle Dinesh, a good wizard man, intervened and had Aman be sent to study magic at RMI. The gig had been working for quite a few years, until just a few months ago when his parent's cruel, despicable siblings and parents came looking for Aman.

In their anger of not finding him, they attacked Ushma and ruined her life. Acid attacks weren't unheard of in India, but they were often domestic. Aman didn't think it would ever be a problem for his family because they were well hidden, and his parents wouldn't ever hurt one of his sisters! But now, because of his and his Uncle's selfishness, Ushma's once beautiful face was now unrecognizable and she would be outcast in the magical and Muggle world. Aman wanted so, so badly to visit her and apologize and help her to look more beautiful, but he knew that going back to India would be the worst move he could make just about now. If his relatives discovered that he was home, they would kill him and his whole family.

This was why Aman spent so much time going to bed, in hopes of escaping these terrible thoughts. He spent the entire day trying to forget them through communication with friends and studying, but this morning he just felt so terribly homesick. He missed his four little sisters more than anything in the world and wanted to go back to help them. Mostly, however, he just wanted to play with them, even if it was one of their silly doll games. But he was just one boy! How would he be able to take on several adult witches and wizards if they threatened to hurt his family? It was just so unfair.

Aman's thoughts were interrupted by the smash of a plate just behind him. He turned around in alarm, his wand out. The shattered remains of the plate lay of the floor of the Diner. Aman did the honors of repairing it, although the food that was on it was spoiled now. "Are you okay? Did you trip?" He asked in a concerned voice to the person who had dropped the plate. When they got themselves fixed up, Aman asked them politely, "Would you like to eat breakfast with me? There's still a bit of time to waste before first period."

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