Anjali Sore (Lyra 3rd Year)
Re: Transcendental Breakfast
Mon Mar 3, 2014 17:13

Anjali Soren head was sore. And itchy. The nurse had healed the wound on her head quickly enough, but it still hurt. On top of that, she was still embarrassed about getting hurt in front of that random at the Quidditch Pitch and bitter about the betrayal of her run. And top of that, her parents still hated each other! She couldn't imagine a worse day.

Anjali moved her cup onto her plate and tried to balance everything one hand as she lifted her hand up to scratch her head. She hadn't walked two steps before the plate smashed to the floor. A ceramic shard glanced along her foot, her flats doing little to protect them. The orange juice splattered on the same spot causing the Lyra to wince as the citrus seeped into the wound and caused the blood to spread all over her foot. The day had just gotten worse.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine! Thank you." Anjali said to the helpful boy. She discreetly shucked her flat, siphoning out all the liquid and cleaning the wound magically. The graze had been very shallow and was already healing. "Oh, sure! Just let me get a new plate." Anjali Banished the food to the garbage can and scooped up the repaired cutlery.

This time she was much more careful as she brought a cup of milk and a plate of waffles to her fellow Lyra's table.

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    • Re: Transcendental Breakfast — Anjali Sore (Lyra 3rd Year), Mon Mar 3 17:13
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