Let's try to be happier by lunch
Tue Mar 4, 2014 16:57

Aman could have smacked himself when the younger girl left to get more food, realization dawning on him. Of course he would accidentally talk to the only other Indian in the school. Anjali did not know it, but Aman knew quite a lot about her. It wasn't by his choice, but his Uncle Dinesh did research on all of the other students attending RMI, Anjali in particular because of her ethnicity. He did this to ensure that Aman was not in danger from his secret being found out. Now that it was, though, his biggest fear was that his relatives would find out where he lived. Uncle Dinesh said that he was quite certain that Anjali's family had no ties with Aman's family, especially since Anjali's family had spread out around the world, but he told Aman not to associate with her just in case.

And now, here he was, like a fool, offering her to have breakfast with him.

You're overreacting he told himself, taking a few breaths. Why would Anjali possibly write to her parents about him. She knew nothing about him! For all she could possibly know, Aman could be the son of some important wizarding family in India. There was no reason for him to freak out, so long as he didn't mention that his parents were squibs. That would just be silly. He hadn't told anyone that, not even his roommate or teachers. The administration thought that his Uncle Dinesh was his father. Anyway, how many Shahs were there in India? Too many to count.

When she came back with a plate of waffles and a cup of milk, Aman smiled at her. She looked to be around his little sister Ushma's age, but of course she was now much prettier than Ushma. In fact, she was probably the prettiest Indian woman he had ever seen. Maybe this was because she clearly wasn't directly from India (her accent identified that). He also noticed that she was a very good witch, having cleaned up much of her mess with magic. Aman was impressed.

"Erm, sorry, I know we're in the same house and have had classes together before, but I don't think I've properly introduced myself to you before. I'm Aman," he said, holding out his right hand, as was custom. "So what do you have going on today? I'm just about done my breakfast, I could do your hair for you to make your day only go up from what just happened," he offered. It wasn't the first time he had offered to style someone's hair for the day. Despite that Anjali's hair was a dull black color, like Aman's, it had wonderful volume to it that Aman felt would look beautiful in a waterfall braid. The fifth year loved to style girls' hair, and was very good at it, if he did say so. "I promise, I'm very good," he added with a smile that lit up his large dark brown eyes. He hoped she would say yes; doing someone's hair would be a lovely distraction.

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    • Let's try to be happier by lunch — Aman , Tue Mar 4 16:57
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