Anjali Soren
Yes, Let's
Thu Mar 6, 2014 18:36

Anjali all but frolicked to the food tables. She had heard about Aman Shah, the only other Indian person in the school. More like, the only Indian person in the school. Anjali had always felt it was a little disingenuous to call herself Indian. She was only half, although her English side didn't really show in her appearance. It was all that showed in her clothing and speaking. More than that, she couldn't speak the language - any of them (her grandmother was from Karnataka, where Kannada is spoken, and her grandfather from Andhra Pradesh, where Telugu is spoken. Both had spoken Marati, because of their proximity to Maharastra, and Hindi, because it was the national language. Anjali spoke...English.) She barely knew of, let alone celebrated any Indian holidays. Also, she had never been to the country. And yet, every time she saw a person with matching brown skin on TV or in real life, her heart skipped a little. She didn't quite understand why.

Aman, who spoke with an accent, lived in India during his formative years, and traveled (or so she had heard) back to India each break, fit the term much better. He apologized to her for his distance, at which the Lyra shook her head emphatically. It would have been odd for a fifth year boy to take an interest in her. "Nothing much. Write some letters, paint some some homework." Anjali winked at Aman on the last item on the list, as if she never did homework. She did of course. How else would she remain such a teacher's pet?"

Anjali had also heard of Aman's famed skill in costuming, which was odd, because he was a boy, but interesting, because he was a boy. So of course she jumped at the chance to be at the receiving end of his talent. "Sure, thank you! I mean, it's kind of hard to work with because it's so thick, but yeah. If you want to," she said, toning it down. "So," Anjali pried gently, "how did you get into doing hair?" An idea popped into her head. "Do you have a sister?" Amit, Anjali's five year old brother was obsessed with his sisters' hair. Jetta had shoved him away long ago, but Anjali still tolerated his little baby fingers in her hair.

  • Let's try to be happier by lunchAman , Tue Mar 4 16:57
    Aman could have smacked himself when the younger girl left to get more food, realization dawning on him. Of course he would accidentally talk to the only other Indian in the school. Anjali did not... more
    • Yes, Let's — Anjali Soren, Thu Mar 6 18:36
      • I think it's workingAman, Mon Mar 17 11:12
        Aman's nimble fingers worked quickly but carefully. He was not a firm believer in the concept of "beauty is pain". His mother would often say that to his little sisters, but Aman would always try to... more
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