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Aman's nimble fingers worked quickly but carefully. He was not a firm believer in the concept of "beauty is pain". His mother would often say that to his little sisters, but Aman would always try to be gentle. He taught his little sisters that, if they brushed their hair while washing it, it wouldn't be as knotty in the morning when they tried to brush it again. He was a firm believer in conditioner. Aman was generally very gentle in nature. He didn't like to cause fights and with any dissent between family members he was always the mediator. He had a wonderful way with words. In fact, he had a wonderful way with words in three different languages: Hindi, English, and Gujarati. It was a shame that Aman had such wonderful talents that were never recognized in his family because they wee talents that a common Muggle could have. Aman was a wizard, and so he was expected to be wonderful at magic. The fifteen-year-old was very mediocre at magic.

Aman wove the strands of hair, starting from the right side of Anjali's head, in and out at a horizontal angle, leaving many of the strands out of the braid to give the waterfall effect. "Thick hair is the best to work with," Aman said simply, as it was true. Thin hair didn't hold very well. His mother's thin hair was proof of that.

"How did you get into hair? Do you have a sister?" Aman felt very fortunate that he was working on the back of Anjali's hair when she asked that, so he could not see her face. It was bad enough that Anjali reminded him so much of his little sisters, and now that she brought them up it was just a combination Aman was not ready for. Without thinking, his eyes immediately welled up with tears, but he fought them back. He couldn't believe that there was a chance he would never see them again. He was currently trying to get a job on Pearl Street Mall so that he could pay for Ushma and perhaps his mother to fly over to America so that Ushma could see an actual Medic for her burns. But other than that small hope, he did not see how he would back able to see his other little sisters again, or his father. He was being forced to abandon his family, and it was the worst feeling he had ever experienced. There was a very big chance that Aman would never be able to return to India.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he answered, "Yes, I have five little sisters. I'm the oldest and only boy." He finished the braid after bringing both sides of the waterfall braid together in the middle and made an elegant knot to tie it all together in the back. He shuffled around to his seat on the other side of the table to make sure that the two ends of the braid we even.he looked at it with narrow, hard dark eyes, but then they softened as he smiled at his work. "My sisters are beautiful, much like you. I like your hair a little more, however. It's a wonderful length to work with. Maya and Kunti have thin hair, and Priya and Lalita have much too long hair and Ushma--," his voice broke off momentarily as he mentioned his sister immediately younger than him. In the pictures that we sent to him, a part of Ushma's hair had been burned off. When Aman got enough money to send for her to come visit him in America, he would fix her hair. "Ushma's hair is too short to work with," he finished simply. He looked away for a moment to think of something else to say. His brain was thinking in Hindi. It was funny how it did that sometimes.

"What do you like to do?" He inquired. Aman liked to learn new things about other people. Sharing about himself was fine, but he personally thought that he was rather boring. He liked hair and clothes and beauty. He liked music as well, but didn't quite understand American popular music. Other than that, there wasn't much he enjoyed. Despite playing Quidditch, he hated sports. Magic was hard and musicals were a tad boring. Aman still helped out with the schools shows, but he never liked to watch more than one run of the same musical.

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    Anjali all but frolicked to the food tables. She had heard about Aman Shah, the only other Indian person in the school. More like, the only Indian person in the school. Anjali had always felt it was... more
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