Deputy Head de Villiers
Orientation Part I
Fri Apr 4, 2014 11:09

Deputy Head of Emilian de Villiers glanced at himself in the mirror and brushed his hair into place. The new Deputy Head wore a grey suit, with a blue and white plaid shirt underneath. For this occasion he wore no tie, but a blue pocket square and his shoes were polish black. He figured he looked appropriate for a rather dull meeting of first years. He looked down at his watched and frowned the summer had ended too soon for the Professor. He had to find a wife or marry a woman who was way too serious, or be disowned. None of these sounded like good options to the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor.

He left his apartments and walked down the hallways cursing the Headmistress for putting him in charge of the orientation since she was stuck somewhere doing only Merlin knew what. He arrived with time to spare and he waited for the new group of first years to arrive. Emilian wondered if any of these students would make good members of his group of students. He figured not, students weren’t useful until they were in their second year or so.

At six o’clock the whooshing began and Emilian smiled brightly as some students stumbled. “Trunks to the side!” he cried with his charmed voice so the students could hear him. Once all the students had done as he had told him he un-charmed his voice and gathered the group to him.

“Welcome to Rocky Mountain International, I am your Deputy Headmaster Emilian de Villiers and your Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor. You will be meeting our Headmistress Warren at the Opening Feast. For now enjoy the feast in the Finer Diner and get to know your fellow yearmates.” he said and escorted them into the Finer Diner.

There was a large bonfire set up in the center of the Diner, its flames crackling and warm. It was an RMI tradition for any school-wide feasts to bonfires, typically one for each of the four houses and one for staff members. As the first-years hadn’t been sorted yet, one inclusive fire would suffice and allow the students to get to know each other better. Long tables featuring an impressive array of food from a variety of countries had been arranged on either side of the fire by the house elves. This was another tradition of RMI, and a chance to show pride in the fact that it was an international school.

Emilian, stood the side as he watched the students but really kept the policing of the first years to the house elves. He smiled at a few students but kept to the side, a bit bored more than anything.

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