John O'Neill
Let's see if we can make it more of a yellow
Fri Apr 4, 2014 16:08

“What do people even wear in America?” had become the question of the week.

Whatever the current trend was, Jack sure as hell wouldn’t have it. Probably, designer brands with a mixture of cowboy boots and sunglasses. He began to wonder if dying his hair bleach blonde would be necessary in order to ‘fit in’. Perhaps, he was giving TV too much credit and being blonde wasn’t so hot over there after all. That’d make the transition a lot smoother.

Jack hadn’t wanted to ship himself over to the states to some posh boarding school, but when you’re a kid no one bothers to ask for your opinion. Though this hasn't stopped him from sharing it and loudly too. All the lads were going to take the mick out of him when he went home. If he started talkin all American like, and tossin around words like ‘Awesome’ it was destined to be social suicide. This wasn’t even taking into account the fact he’d had to give up his position on the under twelve Quidditch team. Now that was truly tragic. Stupid parents. Thinking they know best.

Jack would have been fine if they’d continued with the homeschool plan. He’d been home schooled so far and hadn’t turned out thick or socially ill equipped. Obviously, his Ma just wanted him out of her hair or something.Which wasn’t a very comforting thought but whatever. He was so over it. Good riddance to them all. Jack was totally going to rule this school anyway. He just hoped it wasn’t full to the brim with Mammy’s boys who had golden dummies in their mouths. Jack couldn’t stick the next few months locked up with a bunch of rich kids talking about polo, or whatever it was they were into these days.

In the end he’d won the battle with his Ma and didn’t have to wear stuffy old robes. He would never get wizard fashion sense. It was crazy. They all dressed sorta like a cross between monks and medieval princesses. Jack always felt real girly, like he was wearing flowing skirts and just a few steps away from a manicure. Which was cool if you were into that but Jack was totally more of a jeans and hoodie type of boy- which was exactly what he ended up wearing.

Eventually, he had gone with the sunglasses. Just to be on the safe side. He was currently a sickly white colour and destined to appear even paler beside the sun-kissed Americans. No need to make things worse. Besides this Rocky Mountain place sounded like it’d be warm. Might even see the sun more than twice a year, which would be a pleasant change. After a quick once over in the mirror Jack nodded to himself. Yup, he was looking rather dapper for his first day. When he stomped down the stairs to say, “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya” to his family, he might have received a few wee quizzical glances regarding his eye wear. However, Jack was far from worried. They knew less about being cool than he did.

Trunk clasped firmly in one hand and dreamcatcher in the other, he was off. The journey made him feel queasy and for a second after arriving Jack was positive he was going to blow everything before he’d even had the chance to establish himself- by vomiting all over his converse. Luckily, this tragedy did not come to pass. Without bothering to inspect the area much, Jack immediately headed in the direction of the food. He never passed up on free food. It was a toughie, deciding between a juicy burger and a good old slice of pizza. And then, because his Granny wasn’t there to scold him, he went for it and took them both.

The campfire theme was lost on him. Jack didn’t get the point. Must be because the Americans loved their camps? It’d be lethal if they got to roast marshmallows- that would win him over. He’d need to look into it.

”This seems to be exciting, right?”

The voice merely popped up beside him without Jack’s knowledge and he jumped a little. Still munching on his pizza the boy said, “Jeez, you scared the livin daylights outta me.”

He then swallowed and added with some poorly hidden sarcasm, “Yeah, really excitin. Personally, I was expectin a few more fireworks but hey- this works too.”

Jack peered at the speaker through his sunglasses. He couldn’t help but notice the other boy was blonde, and immediately regretted the choice he’d made not to dye his dark brown locks.“I’m Jack by the way,” this time he made an effort to sound more pleasant and even threw in a free smile.

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    • Let's see if we can make it more of a yellow — John O'Neill , Fri Apr 4 16:08
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