Prior Forbs
Well, here it goes...
Sat Apr 5, 2014 12:12

        Prior Forbs was not exactly 'ecstatic' when the new term began (or orientation, but Prior had unconsciously dubbed it 'the new term' and left it at that.) Perhaps 'smug' would be a much accurate and wholehearted word for what Prior was feeling. He had confirmation that he was right in his assumptions that he was better then those simple-minded children that surrounded him at school. He had confirmation that he was even better then his slightly less simple-minded parents who meandered their days being content with the 'very important and prominent' title of businessman and businesswoman. He swore to himself that he would never make anyone as miserable as they often made him. Whatever their thoughts, whatever they said, he was BETTER.

        His parents were out (of course) the day that he was going to start the new term. He was packed: trunk full of...wizarding...robes, muggle (that word seemed to fall much more easily on his tongue than wizarding: it seemed appropriately derogatory) suits, and lots and lots of books, including his manual for beginner's acting that he had managed to save from his father's brief and efficient cleansing of anything childish in his room the day that he had turned ten. (Happy Birthday!) The fact that he had saved it by making it turn invisible was not important.

        He surveyed his reflection in the mirror. His open, slightly chubby face and strawberry blond hair did not seem to have changed since June, when he had gotten the news. (He was a wizard!) The suit which he had chosen for this occasion was handsome, though perhaps didn't completely compliment his frame. To his disgust, he had always given off the impression that he was always open for conversation, which had led to more then a handful embarrassing moments. ("Hey my-new-friend-Prior! Why are your cheeks so red?") Not that this was always a disadvantage, of course. Prior had a way of manipulating people to do what he wanted them to do. Not that many people were actually his friends; many people couldn't even (in his opinion) follow to the end of his sentences, let alone multiple conversations worth of, well, conversation.

        As he checked to make sure his wand was indeed still in his pocket (Elder, Unicorn Core, 10 1/2 in., Hard) a small shape came barreling around the corner to throw her small, chubby little arms around his waste. At a slightly more subdued pace, another girl walked slowly after her, also hugging Prior when she came to him. Prior smiled on the two girls he had been the sole guardian of when they were growing up (as his parents certainly didn't care) Castiel, the younger of Prior by six years, and Karen, the younger of Prior by four years. These two girls had the very special place that was reserved for people he really cared about in his guarded heart. They were his sisters.

        Neither Castiel nor Karen had shown any sign of being magical, though Prior comforted himself that they still had plenty of time to fix that. That didn't change the sweetness that was shared between the three siblings in the slightest. As Prior said his last goodbyes to his sisters, he glanced in the mirror one more time, and grabbed the toothbrush portkey, and prayed silently that his parents would do as they had promised, and take care of the two girls.

        The sensation of traveling by portkey was one of the oddest Prior had ever experienced in his entire life. A cross between flying through a tornado and being compressed in a tube, he couldn't help but feel quite relieved when it was over. He had arrived in a little stone hallway looking very...underground. Well at least one thing went as it was supposed to. Shaking off his surprised stupor at his first encounter with a massive magical feet, he began to look around.

        He was comforted to see several other students standing around with very surprised looks on their faces, and with some of them in robes. Now that he thought about it, he probably looked rather startled, too. The hallway was bare, and had nothing spectacularly special about it, as far as Prior could tell. Even after his shock from the portkey he still expected something a little more...magical. He wasn't sure he had actually even believed the whole magic thing until the tight sensation in his stomach, an aftereffect of the portkey, stopped.

        The adult didn't look very impressive Prior was displeased to note. He looked rather detached and had a look on his face that Prior recognized: it was the look he had whenever he had to talk to his parents. He looked like he longingly didn't want to be here. 'At least he could have put on something nice,' Prior thought sourly. He straightened self-consciously in his very formal suit.

        Throwing another searching glance at the Professor, as if looking for something that he wished were there (he had thought that magical adults would be impressive) he dragged his trunk over to the indicated wall, slightly cheered, perhaps, that the Professor had used magic to magnify his voice. He gathered around him with the other first years, and saw in disgust that they looked just as blank as those stupid students at his old boarding school. Maybe there was a mistake, and some of them weren't special after all.

        He followed the crowd into the dinner, and without noticing it, put himself slightly apart from the throng of children, like he always was. He started while entering the 'Finer Dinner' however. Prior was very good at reading; in fact, he remembered almost everything he read. He specifically remembered that the school was supposed to be underground. This train wasn't underground. The hallway he had just been walking in was. 'More magic,' he decided firmly, before placing himself quite firmly in the corner, to see if any of this throng of blank faced children were actually smart enough to talk to him. He didn't know that he actually looked just rather shy and self-conscious with his plump features throwing of the usual impression that he wanted somebody to talk to.

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