Connor Hayes
I'm surrounded by midgets
Sat Apr 5, 2014 22:04

Connor gave one last glance at his family before reaching for his dream catcher, which was now glowing, hinting that it was time to go. His family was standing close to each other: his father, Matthew, was standing behind the entire family, his mother, Sarah, was still crying (she had several tissues sticking out of her pockets), and Nicholas and Audrey were looking at him with sad expressions; it was the fourth year that they were saying goodbye to Connor for almost an entire year. He gave them a reassuring smile and whispered from the corner of his mouth, "I'm coming back for Winter Break guys, I'm not going to war," making Audrey giggle, but Nicholas just rolled his eyes.

"Don't get into trouble Connie," his older brother said, giving him a stern look, but he knew that Connor would behave.

The fourteen year old gave a short nod and took a deep breath- he reached for the dream catcher.

"Don't forget-" his mother started, but it was too late. His hand had already brushed the black dream catcher and he was instantly (more or less) transported to the new school. The brunet bent his knees as his feet touched the ground and wrinkled his nose when he completely landed. He was here.

Connor looked all around him, mentally comparing the new scene to his old school. It was nice- even better better than his old school- but it lacked one important thing: wifi his old friends. He didn't make friends too often and was particularly fond of the ones he had made in the previous three years. It seemed as if in the swish of a wand his entire life changed and soon his entire family was moving to Colorado because his Dad got a better job offer. He wasn't too bummed out about it, it was just a pain to restart and make new connections with people that he'd never seen in his life, but that's life.

One of the only things he didn't expect was the crowd of tiny eleven year olds which had cluttered in front of him. He sighed, knowing that for the next week he would be considered "the tall one" or "the older one" instead of just Connor. What ever, at least there's food.

Connor stood at 5'5, at least a foot higher than most of the little ones, and looked a bit out of place in his normal attire (a dark red t-shirt with dark blue jeans). Trying not to knock anyone down, or worse, he slowly maneuvered himself towards the middle of the Finer Diner where the Deputy Headmaster was already talking. It wasn't a long speech (was it even a speech?) and soon he found himself putting his things near the side of room and walking around aimlessly; he spoke in his head as he walked around.

Where am I supposed to go, I don't even know anybody. Woah that kid's in a suit- that's pretty chill. He's probably pretty hot in that thing, haha what a dork. Wait, was this supposed to be a dressy party thing, the DH had one on I think? Meh, I think it's just that kid. I should probably sit with him.

He quickly sat near the kid and brushed the hair out of his face- they were getting stuck on his glasses. Connor was average looking (or so he thought) with wavy light brown hair that he brushed down. He had pinkish lips, which he ran his tongue over a lot, and a light complexion which wouldn't let him tan. He usually had his rectangular glasses pushed to the rim of his nose, but they rarely shielded anything from going into his light blue eyes. He stared at the other kids, silently smiling at how awkward they looked (like a whole bunch of little turtles swimming around). He didn't really care whether or not the kid was going to talk to him, but at least now he didn't look like the only elephant in the room.

  • Well, here it goes...Prior Forbs, Sat Apr 5 12:12
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    • I'm surrounded by midgets — Connor Hayes, Sat Apr 5 22:04
      • Maybe you're Dorothy.Prior Forbs, Sun Apr 6 16:40
        Prior raised his brows, almost imperceptibly, as a boy that was much taller than the rest of the circus of children were around him approached. Perhaps he was just tall for his age, or he had gone... more
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          • I dunno, it would be funny!Prior Forbs, Wed Apr 9 20:50
            Well, his stab at the boy's age had been a little off. Poor kid, to have been taught for three or four years surrounded by a group of friends, only to have to his parents force him out of the routine ... more
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